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Daddy's little Rules: A Fun Fill-in-the-Blanks Game


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To play this game, simply fill in the blanks with a creative verb that adds a playful and mischievous twist to the rule.

You can do it on your own or invite your caring DD to help you, either way, I hope you have fun.


little must always [_____] when Daddy says so.

Daddy will always [_____] little's feelings and take care of them.

little will always [_____] Daddy with respect.

Daddy will always [_____] little when little is being naughty.

little will always [_____] Daddy's rules.

Daddy will always [_____] little when little is feeling down or upset.

little will always [_____] Daddy's guidance.

Daddy will always [_____] little's needs and desires.

little will always [_____] Daddy's praise and rewards.

Daddy will always [_____] little's mistakes and help little learn from them.

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