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Do you trust me?

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Slut has been fucking with Daddy all week on purpose. Sending meaningless texts, calling and hanging up. Slut was even daring enough to send Daddy a picture with another man. He was just a random on the train Slut asked to take a picture with to set up her plan. Daddy must be really fuming because he's not responding. Slut hopes her plan doesn't cost her a 3 year relationship. She loves Daddy so much……

Daddy's been having a bad week. The last meeting with Slut went well Daddy thought. Daddy brought all the right equipment. Daddy even fulfilled Slut's goals of orgasm denial and double vagina penetration with two vibrators. Slut orgasmed more than any other meeting. Yet Slut has been being disrespectful to Daddy all week. First the texts, then the phone calls, and now a picture breaking our rules. Slut wants to meet tonight. Told Daddy not to bring anything. Is this where we depart…..

Slut just hung up the phone. The plan was all set. Daddy arrives at 8pm. Slut needs to have Daddy blindfold and cuffed by 9pm. Slut must get ready. After a shower Slut gets dressed and knows what Daddy likes. Slut put on the purple 32C lace lingerie set, fishnets, and garter belts. Slut threw over Daddy's t-shirt and sweat pants. Ding dong. Just in time…

Slut - Hello Sir
Daddy - Grunts…walks in
Slut - Daddy, may I have permission to speak
Daddy - Nods head…looking perplexed
Slut - Daddy lately I have been feeling unsatisfied. Slut feels that trust is not being reciprocated. Do you trust me Daddy?
Daddy - Slut you know my government name. How much trust do you need?
Slut - I want to blindfold and tie you up Daddy.
Daddy - Slut are you crazy. You know I do not play that shit.
Slut - Daddy please. Please Daddy trust me.
Daddy - Slut I do trust you. I'll give you my SSN before I do that.
Slut - Please Daddy. I will never ask again if you do this for me one time.
Daddy - So is this why you been on some BS all week? Who was that mfer in the picture?
Slut - A man I met on the train that is willing to let me tie him up Sir.
Daddy - Bitch I'm leaving, Call him
Slut - Maybe that's for the best. Slut cannot love a Daddy that does not trust her.
Daddy - Contemplating. What kind of tying up are you talking about Slut that's going to prove I trust you?
Slut - Follow me Sir.

Slut guides Daddy into the bedroom where Slut has silk purple scarfs tied from all four corners of the canopy bed with one lone purple scarf laid across the night table. After more debating and reassuring between Slut and Daddy, Slut managed to get Daddy's legs tied. Daddy wanted to stop there. Slut dropped the sweat pants and pulled the t-shirt from over her head. There stood a Slut of beauty. A ferocious emerald green dragon head sits on her right shoulder breathing fire over her sculptured perky breasts. Slut areolas were full erect piercing through the purple lace. Freshly waxed pussy gleaming. Slut removed the scrunchie from her hair so it fell freely on Slut's shoulders just how Daddy likes it. Slut slowly turns around counterclockwise putting on Daddy's show. Daddy's loves to watch the dragon develop into full size on Slut's back. Daddy loves fucking Slut and the dragon in the ass simultaneously. When Slut finished the spin, Daddy had tried to tie his left wrist himself. Slut giggles and gladly assists. Once Daddy is secured Slut added the final touch, the purple silk scarf across Daddy's eyes. Slut attempted to slap Daddy to ensure Daddy's vision was obscured. Slut kissed Daddy and informed him Slut will return. What did Daddy get himself into….

It was 8:57pm. Right on schedule. Slut was pleased. Daddy resisted but now Slut knows for sure Daddy loves Slut. Slut unlocked the door and rushed back to the room to Daddy…..

Slut started at Daddy's left ankle and licked straight up to his thick rod. Slut loved the length and girth out it. Slut loved to slap it against her face as it was just as long as her head. Slut gobbed it like her life depended on it. Up and down, spit. Up and down, spit. Daddy was enjoying himself this far as Slut giggled a little. Enter the first one….

Daddy senses were at an all time high. Emotions were running rampant Fear, lust intrigued, shame, ecstasy, anger, and a whole bunch more. Slut was really doing the damn thing down there though. But wait. Daddy is feeling something different. There is another hand cupping Daddy's balls with the other running it's nails across Daddy's chest. Slut is still going to work on Daddy's rod with another set of lips now. Tickle, jump. What the fuck was that. Lips just started kissing and licking Daddy's ribs on both sides. And someone is now blowing and whispering "We going to fuck the shit out of you" in Daddy's ear. That's Slut's voice. If Slut is here, who are them that are down there? Slut removes the blindfold and after vision readjustment Daddy is amazed. Slut went out of her way to fulfill Daddy's fantasy. An interracial BBW FFM session with tattoos galore, except it's a FFFMFFF session. Everyone was from a different country and non-American. Slut went beyond the call of duty. There were two BBWs giving oral. Two more BBWs staring Daddy in the face as they kiss and licked his ribs while rubbing Daddy's nipples. There was another BBW on the opposite side of Slut shoving her 40DDs atomic bomb breast in Daddy's face and mouth before Daddy could speak. All the women were wearing matching lingerie as Slut in all different colors. The BBWs giving oral was trying to suck the neck off of Daddy's bone. The stimulation was unbearable and all Daddy could do was wiggle, suck, and grunt. Slut whispered in Daddy's ear, "You do not have to resist Sir. They are staying here all weekend". The many options of role play flashed acrossed Daddy's mind so fast he blanked for a minute. Slut brought Daddy back to reality. She whispered again, "Let go Daddy. We are going to do all of that". Daddy smiled and enjoyed the moment. Everyone sensed it coming and ramped up movement. Daddy humped straight up off the bed shooting load all down throat. Shockingly to Daddy, a playful fight broke out wrestling over the load and who was going to suck the remainder out. Daddy had 6 women and 12 lips beating their faces with his rod. "Slut untie these scarfs so we can get down to business". "Yes Daddy. Right after I get your paddle from under the bed. We've been naughty".
I appreciate the love. You probably can tell this is not my niche. I have been inspired by some of the greats on here and thought I'll give it a shot.
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