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Asking for Permission


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I talk to you softly and slip the blindfold on you. I tell you your safe and to relax. The cuffs are lose but enough to restrain you. I kiss you and say it's time to cum. You can no longer see now but just feel ,hear and smell. I kiss your restrained legs, your pussy is wet and needs touching but I wait. I kiss all around your thighs for what seems an age. Your hips are rising bucking, your pussy is on fire with desire, you need to cum badly, you want.... But I'm playful I make you wait, I know your need is building.

I say to you "ask....".

You don't understand at first so I tell again softly "ask to cum"
Your'e confused, I say again to you, ask to cum, you're asking for permission..... To let go.

Your sweet voice mutters "please make me cum..."

You've just allowed yourself to let go, the vibe it turned up and pressed right on your clit, you're teased and edged and each time you're nearly there, I removed the stimulation from you.
Your whole focus is on the warm radiating waves of pleasure building, you cry please now now now ....
I this time keep the vibe on high colours appear in your eyes you are sucking in air and you shudder as you push out, hips writhing hands tied and you mind load oh fuck, oh fuck. Your cumming again again again, I whisper in your ear, good girl.
11 minutes ago, FeminineLover said:
I wanna be cuffed!😭

Fly over

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