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Bed Warming Bull


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For Kitty and her husband, they were both on their second marriage and wanted things to work. They met at church. He was more devout than her, but wanted her to be happy. He couldn't give her everything she desires. When he was out of town on work, Daddy would come over and warm her bed 

When he got home from his trips, Kitty would sit him in whatever room Daddy and Kitty used and tell him in great detail what happened.

While her jerked off.

She started in the living room.

On Monday, right after you left. Daddy came over. You probably weren't even at the airport yet and he was in your living room, sitting on your couch. 

He stroked himself. Tell me more 

He was on his way to work and didn't have a lot of time. He just told me to suck him.

I was just out of the shower, only wearing a robe. I got on my knees Infront of the couch and sucked his cock. He got rough and fucked my face for a bit. I gagged, but I'm a good slut, and took it 

He came on himself.

Then Daddy came on my face and left.

I didn't want to shower again, so I just wiped his cum off my face with a wet towel. Later that day in Target I realize I had dry cum in my hair.

You went to Target after you sucked his cock, he came on your face and you had cum in your hair?

Yup. I'm a whore.

On Wednesday night he came over late. I was already in bed.

Kitty took her husband up to the bedroom.

He was in our bedroom?

Yup. He came over and I was working a toy in my pussy while he watched. 

I hung my head over the edge of the bed, his hand on my throat, he fucked my mouth while I fucked myself with a dildo.

He put me on all 4s and fucked my pussy raw.

No condom?

Daddy doesn't like condoms 

Her husband was jerking himself again

He pumped me deep and hard. Your cock doesn't get this deep

He pulled my hair. He slapped my ass. He ***d me from behind, all while he pumped me like a slut.

I came all over his cock twice.

You wanna know what he did next?

Yes, tell me, her husband said.

He fed me his cock so I would suck off all my pussy juice.

Then her laid me on my back and pumped me hard and fast. I thought I was going to cum for a 3rd time, but he came in my pussy.

After he.pulled out, I fingered myself with a pussy full of his cum, and I came again.

When is your next business trip?

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