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Legend of Myst Pt1

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Legend of Myst pt1


The mist covered the shallow lake, the moonlight shining down on the students enjoying their summer break.


All in their early twenties, peak of their sexual prowess, toned bodies frolicking in the shallow lake. 


Myst the local myth, a Goddess who takes form on a full moon, appears in human form for the pleasures of skin. White hair, slim tight body to reel her prey in. Dressed in a flowing white dress, see through from the moon light she approaches the unsuspecting hormone raging men.


She glides over breasts trying to break through her thin dress, her appetite growing with every footstep.


The men stop just in tiny shorts, torso bare, gleaming in the moonight. Myst walks to the centre as they cirlce her, hyenas to feast.


One click of her fingers and the men stand naked, clothes vanishing, looking mesmorised they stroke. Some average some bigger, some uncut some cut. The aroma of musk in the air with Myst controling their minds. Closing in Myst takes one in her willing mouth, licking, flicking, the others stroking wanting to be next.


She pulls a dark haired bronzed man down, clicks her fingers he lies there, the perfect seat for her, lowering her wet pussy on to his lips, his willing tounge deep exploring her. The human pleasure running through the witches veins, electric shocks from her nipples to her pussy.


One by one the men succombe to her greedy mouth, her cleavage hot and sticky from fertile spunk from the men.

Wow I like this story
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