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Rough sex and intimacy

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I ultimately want a woman who is 100% mine. I want complete honesty, even the things that are hard to talk about. Our ***s, our lies, our mistakes, our deepest thoughts. I want a woman who knows me completely and I know them completely.

I also want her to give her body to me 100% to do with as I please. Not right away. I want to earn it, take it, claim it. Nothing worth having comes easy.

Once I have that power I don't use it to give myself pleasure. She doesn't *** the power I have over her. She trusts that I know what is best for her.

She knows I worship her and want nothing more than to give her the most intense sexual experience possible. I will take her to the edge and then push her boundaries but not cross them. I want her to feel a little danger so she can enjoy the pleasure of ***, uncertainty, ***ness but know that no harm will ever come to her as I am her protector.

I'm so attracted to her that I'm inspired to do every dirty thing to her. At work my thoughts drift into ways I can fuck her better, how I can turn up the intensity even more, push her further and make her do the things she's too embarrassed to ask for.

I'm the boss and her teacher, guiding her to her deepest darkest fantasies.

Calm and composed I'm the one in control but I'm really the servant for I do all this to serve my woman, my princess, my whore, my everything that turns me on like no other.

And when I fuck her... When we are engaged in some filthy depraved act. When conscious thought has been abandoned for total primal carnality. When she has devolved into nothing but a quivering, panting, dirty mess. A completely objectified ***d fuck doll.

When I see my princess staring up at me, silent but her eyes saying "You can fuck me like no other". When she has me so turned on that for a few moments I completely lose control.

This is when we've shown each other our most *** selves.

This is the most romantic sex you can have. This is when you are closest to someone.


Thank you all for the love. Follow me to see all my writing x

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