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Safety➡️Trust➡️Vulnerability➡️Intimacy ®️


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Safety➡️Trust➡️Vulnerability➡️Intimacy ®️

A dominant-submissive relationship is built,
On trust that's unconditional,
Where safety cannot be spilt,
And intimacy is transitional.

The submissive in vulnerability,
Offers trust to the dominant in control,
And in this unique chemistry,
Their bond is built, body and soul.

Safety is more than restraints,
It's the responsibility to protect,
A dominant that always maintains,
This trust will never neglect.

Intimacy between them will grow,
As the submissive like a flower will bloom,
And the dominant will always bestow,
The respect for the trust in the room.

Vulnerability is the path they take,
In this lifestyle, each one is strong and brave,
Their love will never break,
As the cornerstone is love and respect pave.

With its highs and lows,
A dominant-submissive relationship will never falter,
Through great communication, passion flows,
And this love becomes something greater.

As this love transcends time,
So does its power in each other's lives,
Pleasure, devotion, connection, and prime,
A dance that to each other thrives.

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Beautifully said


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