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Wanted 24 7 fuck puppet (her interview account)

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Hey, it’s nice to meet you. I’m glad you liked my profile. I’m new to the whole live in slave / fuck puppet thing. This is the first date I’ve been on…is it a date? Or more like an audition, or an interview? I guess it’s kind of the above… (giggles)

Am I dressed properly? A lot of the men on the site want their girl to dress pretty normally when they meet. But you wanted “tight and slutty, something that shouts ‘I’m a whore’.” I liked that. You don’t have any shame in using your commanding influence to get just the kind of dutiful pussy you need, in fact you want to show me off like a new toy. And I like that. I really, really want to be some older man's toy. Squirming my hot ass to please him ..it makes me wet. And part of that is being objectified. And what says “sex object” more than being displayed like a trophy?

You know even saying  fuck doll seems a bit forward of me at this stage… can you just call me whore? Or slut? anything nasty like that. I know the site uses the term submissive but… but that’s kind of, I don’t know…generic and euphemistic. Part of the reason I’m doing this to feel nasty. The waitress, that couple in the table across from us glancing at us… they aren’t thinking I’m a submissive although I'm clinged to your arm like a small frightened thing when we arrived. And they couldn't get enough of a look when i slipped out of my coat, right? Do you think they noticed the leash you were still holding after unclipping it from collar outside? They’re probably thinking “Is that girl a bitch whoring herself out, right in this restaurant?” People seeing me as a slut is so hot. Almost as hot as being a slut.

So you have some interview questions for me? Alright then you like to take a more formal approach, I can roll with that. giggles

I’m leaving my current job as an actor because it’s hard to make a living. Well I'm not giving up on my dream and I love that you are supportive. Maybe I had meteoric success at too early an age and it's hard to sustain that right ? And all that rehearsing involves zero orgasms.

My greatest weakness? I probably don’t have as much self-respect as I should. That’s also my greatest strength. We can certainly enjoy my lust to be an empty headed object serving you at all times day and night. I'll make it so special I promise. I'm a good kitten.

In five years, I see myself writing erotic emotional songs that express my adoration for you and the avant garde lifestyle we enjoy together that pushes the boundaries of smuttiness, and it will secretly be a memoir. I'll also pose for your art works ...your muse if you like. And be part of the furniture. Lol...literally.

I’m passionate about adoring , serving and fucking.

My friends would call me a witty talented young lady who is reliable and steadfast and has good attention to detail. Unless they’ve had some drinks in which case they’d call me a vivacious cumwhore who probably has daddy issues.

I want this job because it frankly I need to live this way. I discovered this 3 years ago and the fact that you seem perfect for me means I'm not prepared to let the opportunity go.

Of course it's nice to be comfortable and stuff but I'm mostly interested in being used as a wet cunt and cum whore. You can't get enough spunk in my view. [giggles]. The messier and dirtier the better. Does that sound too forward? I hope not .

You should hire me for the position because I do it in any position.
I can start as soon as we get back to your place.

So how did I do? Think you’re going to hire me? Do you feel like you need to take my pussy for a test drive? I know you are the boss but i'm so fucking eager to start. Please please pretty please choose me. I know i'm not perfect but we can work out a plan for my transformation to everything you need.

What would you like for your first taste? While you think it over  I'll be ready to be spanked over your knee on arrival home for messing my lovely dress.. Do say if i'm too perverted for a first date, won't you baby?


Where are you going, baby?

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Wow.Somebody can see into the mind of every cum slut ever.Including my mind im glad to say.Absolutely loved this story.


This needs to be adapted into a play


Thank you Debbi.

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Wow that was beautiful and so wish i could be her.p

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