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Shoe Cleaning and Subservience


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I'm basically curious if being someone's personal shoe cleaner is a form of BDSM. I have a shoe/foot interest.


I have a friend who I've been attracted to for years. Recently I asked him if he would let me clean all his shoes for him from now until forever, and he very enthusastically got on board. I've been cleaning 3-5 pairs of his shoes per month for the last 6 months or so.


When 2 other buddies found out about this, they also requested I clean their shoes, but my first friend said he'd rather I specifically only clean his so I turned them both down. 


And so just this past month I asked him if he'd be comfortable with my dedicated subservience to him, and he agreed. He's straight, and I'm gay. And it's non-sexual beyond feuling my personal desires to serve him and clean his shoes.


As of now I clean up after him, and follow his every order or command until the point at which he permanently releases me (which he says will be never).


I've heard BDSM is a lot about communication. I feel like he and I have set up a system but he haven't talked much about it beyond that we just do. 


This is all very new to me and I'd be curious to hear some thoughts on it. If it is considered BDSM, and how I should handle it going forward. Sorry if this is dumb.


I think... a lot of people often kinda want to meet someone who is an instant fit or will develop into their mould but, I think, truth be told, that a lot of relationships just kinda evolve over time as yours clearly has.

in terms of communication - are you happy with the arrangement? is he? if so - no problem.

of course, communication is important so do discuss what you are happy with, or what could improve, with him.   


Thanks for the response!

Yes we are both happy with the arrangement. I know for fact how it makes me feel, and he has assured me several times he appreciates having me at his beck and call for anything at all that he needs. The more he utilizes me the happier I am.


He has been extremely kind when it comes to my needs and always making sure I'm in a good head space. I think at first he thought maybe he was taking advantage of a long-standing crush I have on him, but I've assured him that I get a lot out of serving him, and really appreciate his openness to it. He still dates and has sex with women.


Thus far he's been comfortable with everything I've asked of him and done for him except the idea of me refering to him as "master". I appreciate his boundries so I won't be doing that.


Will definately make sure to always keep an open flow of conversation with him about everything. As I said, this is a brand new experience for both of us. 


We don't need the label but it feels nice to say it's technically a BDSM bond. He seems thrilled at the idea of my becoming addicted to his foot smell. He's very appearance oriented so having had spotless shoes for half a year is a huge deal for him. I love it!

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