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Surprise At The Hotel  Part 1

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Two hours early. It was a bit ridiculous. Daddy had said very clearly, 7pm at the hotel suite, but she'd finished early and wouldn't it be fun to give Daddy a lovely surprise?

Babygirl had gone out and bought new underwear, had her nails done and was so excited to be seeing Him again. Three days was far too long.

The hotel was as she remembered, the receptionist remembering her and passing over the room key politely. A corner suite on the top floor, better to be away from other hotel guests when Daddy was punishing his bratty girl. She thought she might be extra bratty today so he'd punish her severely. 

The thought of that punishment made her start in excitement, a flutter in her belly.

Maybe Daddy would be angry if she was so early? She paused by the lift. No it will be fine! She decisively pressed the button, stepping into the lift as the doors pinged open.

Pressing the button, she was the only one in the car as it raced to the top floor. The doors sliding open to reveal dark woodwork and deep red carpets. Daddy called it 'The Brothel' which made her giggle.No one was around as she turned and walked down the corridor. 

Ahead a strangled cry made her pause, then timidly inch forward. She could see the suite door now, standing ajar, a large coat on the floor preventing the door from closing.

Another cry. 
A man's voice. 
And again.
Wait, that sounded like Daddy!

She pushed the door silently open, slipping inside before gently letting the door trap itself again on the coat.

She crept towards the bedroom, seeing shadow movement on the wall in there and then a woman's voice.

'Lets try that again bitch, but counting this time. Your pain tolerance is very low isn't it? We'll have to build them up if you are going to join my stable. We can't have people thinking that I can't train my studs properly can we?'


'Ahh One!'
Blow after measured blow fell as she inched closer. Looking around the half open door at 'Five' to see Daddy tied on his hands and knees, his legs tied painfully apart at the knees, his genitals held with a cock ring ensuring he was hard throughout the torture.She watched as the bottle blond woman delivered another blow with her riding crop onto his already marked arse.


'Better' she conceded, her hand reaching out to rub and caress his arese before teasing his hole with a finger, making him gasp and try to pull away. 


She chuckled at his discomfort. 

'I'll use this when and how I want to bitch.' 

A slap on his red striped arse making him gasp and fall silent.
Her hand travelled to his hard cock, wanking it purposefully. Until his breath became quicker. 

'You don't deserve pleasure yet' slapping his cock hard making him wince. 

'I think I'll peg that tight little arse, stretch you open, then I'll turn you over and sit on your face. If you do a good job I might even jerk you off'

This was all too much, what was Daddy doing with that nasty woman and why? Silent tears ran down her cheeks as she leaned back against the wall, hidden by the door. Just then she heard a phone ring, it was that women's. A brief, terse conversation, some swearing from her then finished.

'I've got to go bitch, for an hour or so. So a little sensory dep and something to remind you of me, oh and we'll add another 150 to the bill for my extra time'

Baby listened to indistinct noises next door and then a muffled loud groan from Daddy. Baby slid behind the door just before the Domme strutted past her and left the suite, picking up her fallen coat and slamming the door.

Baby slid out and into the bedroom. He was tied as before, but a ball gag, blindfold and headphones made him mute and unaware of her presence. She gasped as she saw that Daddy now sported a tail, it was a butt plug, firmly inserted with a bushy tail hanging down, his cock still hard pointing down next to it.
He was helpless.

Her mind was a whirl. Her first instinct was to release him, rescue him, but more thoughts, betrayal, shock, arousal. A collection of the Dommes toys, from paddles and whips to a cock cage and strap on dildo and more lay arranged on the table. 

She considered her next action as she wandered around....

As I wandered around the room mixed emotions ran through me. I looked at my Daddy wondering why he never asked me if I would be interested in doing this to him. Why would he pay someone to do it when I'm right here for him? Does he think I'm not competent to do this?

I walked up to Daddy and ran a finger down from the top of his spine to his arse. I slap one cheek and then the other as I walk around him. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. I unstrapped the gag and gave him a passionate kiss. I pull away as tears are streaming down my face. 

You had a confused look on your face.

'Baby girl, if that's you, take my headset and blindfold off'

I couldn't move. I can't do it. I turned and ran and kept running.  I didn't know where I was going, I just knew I couldn't be there right now.
I love him so much but it was just too much at once. I entered the lift and went down.
I got off and decided to go to the bar. I needed to calm down and talk to Daddy. I ordered a glass of Scottish whiskey. How do I talk to him....

Love the story. Very exciting
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