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Suprise at the Hotel (Part 2)

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Edited by Isme

His shock at that kiss from those lips he knew so well galvanised him.

The cuffs were his own. Ones he could release himself from. He quickly did that and tore off his blindfold and earphones but she was already gone.

Desperately undoing the other restraints, removing the tail plug and cock ring and then dressing hurriedly took maybe another 5 minutes.
Her phone! He tried to call. Straight to voicemail. The tracker. The one she asked to add so he would always know where she was. Yes, still here! Quickly down the lift, no sign in the lobby or restaurant. The bar.

There she was!
His heart leaped with relief, she hadn't gone.
She was at a table alone in the deserted bar except for the barman.
He walked up to her, anguish, regret, sorrow in his eyes as he saw her tears fall.

'I'm sorry Babygirl, I didn't want you to find out like this. I was going to tell you this afternoon, show you. You asked before about my sub side, I didn't know how to explain what I needed, so I thought I'd show you. But it wasn't any good, she was a cold professional, just after her money, it wasn't working, she wasn't you.'

She looked up at him, considering his words through her tears.

'Why didn't you tell me first? Ask me to top you? Anything?'

Her head was a whirl, so he wasn't cheating on her, not really, he wasn't leaving her, he was doing this to show her his other side. The one he hardly mentioned, just referenced obliquely when he'd been drinking with her. The side that she knew completed him, made him her Daddy Dom.

He sat across the table from her, 'I thought it would be too much for you Baby, that if I showed you, step by step, that we could talk about it together, talk about what you felt you could do and couldn't. I didn't want to try something without you seeing it first, no surprises, no nasty shocks or overwhelming urges to run away. '

She blushed as she realised she had done just that earlier. He knew her almost better than she knew herself, she realised.
She looked up at his deep brown eyes, staring down at her, the concern in his linned face obvious.

He knelt as the lift glided to a halt. 'Now crawl!' She stalked ahead to the suite door, turning to watch him ponderously crawl on all 4's towards her. Opening the door she stepped through, turning to block the door.


'What? Out here? Don't be silly Babygirl'

'Silly? Silly is hiring a whore when your sub would do anything for you! Strip or leave. Your choice!'

The determination in her eyes gave him no choice. He hurridly removed everything before kneeling back down, his hands covering himself, looking up at her nervously.

'Eyes down, crawl inside and kneel up straight, hands on your head.'

She felt powerful, in command and, when she saw his cock twitch and grow as he knelt humbly before her, sexy as hell.
His face was downcast and placid, but

his body betrayed his true feelings.

The cock ring on the floor was the next obvious choice, putting it on him brought her face level with his. He looked up into her eyes questioningly.

'I said eyes down!' Her nails raking down his chest made him gasp and lower his gaze. The pink lines on his skin, a painful reminder of the changing positions. She couldn't help but lean in and kiss his open mouth playfully then biting his lower lip making him let out a 'Hiss' of pain.

She stood, moving behind him, resting her hands on his broad shoulders before leaning down and whispering in his ear

'Daddy we are going to have a LOT of fun'

Her eye catching his cock twitching in response, a drop of pre cum oozing out of the head. She leant over him, her finger scooping the drop up before holding it before his lips. 'Suck!' Was all she needed to say before his mouth took her finger in, cleaning it with his tongue.

The sight of him so subservient made her growl in pleasure, leaning over to force her tongue into his mouth to taste the faint trace of his juice. She had to force herself away before the desire to just have him there took over.

'Stand and go into the bedroom'.

He stood naked at the end of the bed, naked, aroused and unexpectedly nervous at the strength of his sub and her determination. His eyes down, hands by his sides, he wasn't ready for the bite of sharp pain as the riding crop whipped his arse.


Immediately her strong hand was gripping his jaw 'I didn't tell you to make a noise.'

His jaw released, another whip bite on his other cheek. His stiffled gasp barely enough to escape further punishment.
4 more strikes followed, 2 more on each cheek until the pain forced a single tear from his eye. She quickly held his hair and delicately ran her tongue up his cheek to catch the escaping tear.

'Mmmm I like the taste of your tears, I'll have to get you to shed more.'

A throaty chuckle in his ear and a hand lightly stroking his cock making him gasp and quiver.

'Hands on the bed, bend over. Now how much did you pay that whore?'

'200 pounds'

'Then you have 194 strokes still to go'

'What? No?!' He tried to stand but her hand grabbed his hair and pulled him cruelly back into position.

'You take it or I walk out' venom in her voice 'And after that we are good, ok?'

'Yes Babygirl' Downcast, quiet voice acknowledging her place in his world.

Cuffs on his wrists attached to a spreader bar which was in turn tied to the bed held his top half, while ankles attached to the bed legs held him spread and nervous for her. So vulnerable, she knew that feeling well from their plays before, but now it was his turn.

'Count' proceeded the first blow from her hand, her first time spanking another person.


Her blows getting progressively harder as she felt his reaction until '23' when she heard his breath catch. Perfect, she kept going to '30' and then ran her hand over his pink arse, feeling the heat radiating. That cheek noticeably warmer than the unpunished one.

A further 20 blows, taking her time between strokes, drawing out his pain, letting it build. His breath in fast gasps now the occasional soft moan escaping his lips as he fought to stay quiet as the blows landed on the already burning skin.
Without pause she swapped sides and hands and went to work on his other cheek, reaching that perfect point at '16' when he let out a little gasp.

After 50 on that side she could see him shaking with tension as the pain blossomed in him, her hands running over the sore skin making him gasp and sigh.
But no more tears on his face as he turned to look. She selected the flogger next, light, fun, not real pain, she was saving that for the end.

The slashing blows on his arse and even between his legs onto his cock and balls doing no more than irritate and arouse him.

60 strokes of that passed quickly, his breathing heavy, but more due to arousal now, her hand fondling his balls and cock bribging a gasp from him.

'Do you think the worst is past Daddy? Its about to begin. If you take it well, you'll get a reward.'

The vicious tone in her voice worrying him as he tried to calm himself.

'Open' she comanded, pushing a ball gag into his reluctant mouth. Fastening it tightly at the back of his head so he couldn't spit it out. He always put one in her mouth before the worst punishments and she could see his eyes wide as he looked nervously round.

She selected a heavy wooden paddle with patterns carved in it, the weight solid in her hand.
'17 each side and then we are done Daddy. Ok?'His reluctant nod and glances at the wood proof that he knew the pain in store.

Standing to one side behind him she patted it into her hand a few times to get the feel of it, concious that his body was tensing more as he waited.
The first swipe a bit tentative, the slap quite soft. His body jerking slightly in response.
The next far harder, the crack making him groan into the gag. 3, 4 and 5 each progressively harder, his moans becoming more desperate, his body twisting as much as the restraints allowed. She reached between his legs and pumped his cock rapidly until it leaked a little drop of cum. His groaning now a tormented mix of pleasure and pain.

Back to work with the paddle, his arse colouring rapidly from the heavy blows, his body fighting the restraints in earnest as she reached 17. He was shaking and beaded in sweat, drool falling from the gag onto the pillow. As she swapped sides her hand caressed his burning cheek bringing more groans and shudders a tear running down his cheek making her catch her breath in pleasure.

The other cheek suffered more, her experience on the first cheek allowing her to start harder and with more confidence.

This time she delivered 12 before stopping. His chest heaving as tears ran freely now. Kneeling in front of him, looking him in the eye she waited until he had some control over himself. 'You've been naughty Daddy, but when these last 5 are done, you are forgiven and I'll give you a lovely reward.

Those last 5 were the hardest yet, the meaty thwack of the paddle landing on his bruised skin almost lost in his muffled cries and the rustle of his body fighting the restraints.

As soon as she delivered the last blow she dropped the paddle, lay with her head under his crotch and with her hands stroking and pumping him she hungrily sucked on his smooth cock. His groaning changed tone, hips twitching for a different reason as his overstressed body exploded into a shuddering orgasm before finally going quiet apart from the rise and fall of his panting chest.

She released him, quickly snuggling up to him, her hands stroking and soothing him as he lay spent on the bed, finally at peace.

After a while he raised his head to look at her, leaning over to kiss her cheek and lips.

'Thank you Baby'

She smiled impishly back, snuggling closer, saying nothing, but wondering what she could do next time....

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