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Once a cuckold, always a cuckold (part 1 of 3)


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The bar was still lively this early in the morning. The music had asses shaking and titties bouncing. Six drinks bought, six phone numbers received. Shitty night for me. I was looking for someone wanting to get ***d and manhandled tonight. Looks like all I will be dominating tonight was myself in a handful of paper towels. Shitty night for me. Then a tap on the shoulder. I turn around and it's the sexy, 5'2 ginger with the freckles that been sucking on her man's fingers over in the booth all night. I bought six women a drink tonight but I had seven for myself. With a smirk I state, "Hello, how low can you go?". She was went someone, what did I care. She was taken aback by my greeting and with a flushed face she responds, "Excuse me?". I giggled. "It's called an icebreaker". She replies, "It was more like an iceberg that almost sunk your Titanic". With a puzzled look I snark, "Now I'm excused". I catch her eyes looking me over now that she was closer and I responded by doing the same. She was wearing a white sheer mini dress with no underwear. She was a stacked 165 lbs with a solid C rack and an ass like a cloud in that dress. She had red nipples the size of silver dollars and they were still hard I guess from sucking on fingers. Even though I was fully at attention I would not let my ego believe she was horny because of me. I wondered if the carpet matched the d***s. I love a natural ginger. She begins, "My husband wants to know why you bought all these women drinks and not me? He thinks you do not find me attractive enough". Seizing a moment of opportunity I reply, "Beautiful, I'll buy this whole bar for you to prove to your husband that I know you are attractive". "As flattering as that sounds that will still not be good enough for my husband. He wants you to have your way with me while he watches", she states as she takes an index finger and runs it across the hair on my forearm. I clearly had too much to drink because she did not say what I think she just said. Calling her bluff I take her index finger and stick it in my drink and then in my mouth. As I twirl my tongue around her finger absorbing the alcohol I look at her husband for eye contact. He was staring the whole time and greets my eye contact with a head nod. I continue to suck on her index finger as I look back and forth between them. He's nodding and she's panting and licking her lips. I take her finger from my mouth, dip it back in my drink and into her mouth while I ponder my situation. The reaction from her husband when I put his wife's finger in her mouth immediately confirmed that he was all in. White mini dress has closed in the personal space that was between us and rubbed her thigh against mine. All logic immediately went out the window with my drink as I immediately downed it "I'll follow you", I stated. She replied, "Splendid". To be continued……
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On 5/27/2023 at 10:50 PM, x_luke said:

Imagine being a beta cuck lol

Your insecurities are showing... might want to tuck them back in. 

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