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Never ending weekend - A short story

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She was sat on the sofa idly scrolling through her phone. He silently came in and put the box down on the table, She looked up with suprised expression.

He gestured for her to open it, she ripped it the top of the box to find a set of leather restraints and two lush vibrators.

"Why two" she said, "one vibes, one charges, Its the never ending weekend"

He sat on the sofa and told her to strip, She stood in front of him and he held her waist and stated to caress her stomach.
He held her in front of him and took a hold of her wrist. He slowly tightened up the buckle, then he slipped the leather belt around her waist and connected the wrist straps.

He sat on the sofa and told her to sit between his legs, He wrapped his thighs over hers and intertwined their legs.

He pulled her hair to the side and started to kiss her neck, he ran his hands down her body lightly strocking her inner thighs.

"First we need to test your limits"

He slipped the lush inside her and opened up the app.

He turned the vibrations to full and held her tight, legs flexed and arms around her waist.

"The rules are simple, Don't you dare cum, Tell me when you're at the edge. If you fall of the edge without my permission your In for a very long weekend"

He kissed her neck as she blissed out to the vibrations, he ran his hands over her stomach and gently stroked her thighs. she growned as she sensations overwhelmed her.

His ran his fingers over her in slow small circular movements, He gently rubbed her clit with his finger as she writhed in pleasure.  He swipped at the app and the lush started to pulse, he matched the pulses with his hand movements, she moaned as she came to the edge.

Suddenly all sensation and movement stopped as he swiped the app and turned it down.

"Why didn't you tell me to stop, I told you to tell me when you were close, This is you're one and only warning"

All of a sudden the pulses started again, he ran his fingers over her, again he started circling her clit, she was on the edge, she moaned, "I'm coming" 
But the the sensation didn't stop, "I'm coming"
He brushed her hair aside and whispered in her ear" You don't have permission yet, Tell me to stop"

"I'm coming, Stop, please stop"

He removed his hands and tuned the vibrations to the lowest settings.

He whispered "good girl, if you keep following the rules you might be rewarded"

He started caressing her body and kissing her neck, "were going find the edge, I'm going to turn up the intensity slowly and we're going to find the crest of the wave, that never ending wave, we're going to find the edge and keep you there till I give you permission. I've cancelled our plans for the weekend, your mine till Monday morning......
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