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He had his weekly poker game for years on Thursday nights at his house. He would have 3 buddies over and they would play for hours in his basement.

His wife would bring drinks and snacks. She would flit and tease. He would slap his wife's ass or grab her tits and tell her to go upstairs. 

She wanted to play her own game. 

He had to go out of town for work and needed to cancel the game. He asked his wife to message the guys and let them know. She said she was going to host them and let them use her.

Just take pictures.

They all arrived and went into the basement as usual. Beers and snacks were laid out.

She came down in just her bra and panties.

He's out of town and I am going to have a POK-HER night.

She got on her knees and called them over. She started sucking and stroking each of them. One cock in her mouth, one cock in each hand.

One guy grabbed her by the throat and laid her on the couch. He held her down and fucked her mouth. Another grabbed her huge milky tits and tugged on her nipples, the 3rd was playing with her pussy.

She got on one of the guys cocks and rode him while she sucked the other two. The all fucked her mouth and made her swallow all of them.

She took a picture with 2 cocks in her mouth.

She took another picture of her with a cock deep inside her.

They filled all 3 of her holes.

Cock in her mouth. Cock in her pussy. Cock in her ass.

She screamed out while they pumped her. 

She loved being the whore she imagined she would be. Taking control and being used at the same time.

The cocks filled her up and made her feels so good.

Cum on my face and video it.

The first guy took her phone and stroked his cock until he shot his load on her face. The second guy did the same. The third guy who was in her ass, out his cock in her mouth. She sucked it hard and he pulled out and shot his load on her face.

She laid back covered in cum and worked her fingers in her pussy to come one more time while she recorded it.

She sent her husband the photos.

Then she sent her husband the video with a kiss emoji 

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