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Height ***.Tall girl vs short guy?


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I'm a short,sub guy.My height is 167 cm (5'6"').I find tall amazon  girls so attractive.I want to ask a tall girl to humiliate me and peck at my height.It's turn on me.What do you think about it?

Would a tall domina enyoj to humiliate a little slave?I know,tall girls hate short boys,but I want to try it.

I love taller women than me
Tall girls dont hate short boys. I have dated guys shorter than me and you can tell me I'm not tall but still. I have also used heels and got taller than boyfriends that were as tall as me or just a little bit taller. Nothing in the exterior is that important to me if the interior fascinates me.
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Short girls all day long 

and in the evenings Blonds. 

But not on Saturdays them Reds.

O and Let’s not forget holidays (Including Christophe  Cunt I’m slapped day )  them all blonde too  . 




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