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Sent Home (Cuck Story)


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She walked into the house and her husband was on the couch.

Her makeup was smeared and her hair was wet 

I thought you were spending the night out?

The Bull sent me home to you because he knows how much you like to hear what he did to me. He wanted you to see it.

Her husband perked up in his seat.

Tell me.

Well, by the time I got to the restaurant, he had already had a few really expensive bourbons.


Then he ordered a bottle of champagne.

Her husband grabbed his cock through his short and squeezed.

We drank a lot. We ordered a 5-course meal.

We sat in a booth next to each other. He fed me. He kept his hand on my thigh the whole time.

We finished the bottle of champagne and he kept drinking more bourbon.

When the bill came , he looked at it and slid it over to me.

The bull said, that cuck husband of yours can pay for it.

It was $600 with top.

Her husband swallowed hard.

He brought the empty bottle of champagne to the room.

He took my phone, she said.

Her husband stroked himself.

Fully dressed he put me on my knees and put his cock in my mouth.

Look. She showed her husband of the Bulls cock in her mouth.

He fuck my face.

He stripped me down.

He made me rub my pussy while he watched. He told me to take myself right to the edge. He talked dirty while I rubbed my pussy.

He took a video of it.

She played the video of her rubbing her pussy 

".... That's my pussy...', the Bull Said on the video

Going to stretch out that pussy with my cock.

You're little dick cuck husband cannot fill up your pussy"

Her husband was jerking off.

She continued; then when I was on the edge, he pounded my pussy.

He pinned my legs up on his shoulders. He wrapped his hands around my throat and held me down.

He pounded my pussy while he choked me

I screamed and came all over his cock.

Then he came inside me.

He gave me a creampie. 

Her husband came on himself.

So how did your hair get wet?

There's more.

The bull gave me the champagne bottle and told me to fuck my pussy with the neck of the bottle. He videoed it.


Her husband watches as his wife fucked her pussy with the bottle.

The Bull talked dirty and tugged her nipples.

She came over and over and over.

Her husband tugged at his limp cock.

The bull put his cock in her mouth while she continued to fuck herself.

She sucked him.

Ride the bottle.

She got on the floor and rode the champagne bottle in her pussy while she sucked  the bulls cock.

The bull came all over her face and tits in a huge crummy mess.

Her husband exclaimed, the Bull came in your pussy and all over your face?

Yes, his wife replied.

The video continued.

The bull took her into the bathroom and put her in the shower. 

Let me get your cleaned up to go home to you little cock, cuck husband.

The bull peed all over her. Washing the cum off her face and tits with his pee.

He husband Sat speechless. Mouth open. 

Oh my God.

Creampie. Facial. Golden Shower.

You're such a good good girl he said to his wife.

There's one more video she said.

The video of of his wife soaked in the bathroom.

Go ahead, tell him.

"Sleep on the couch, bitch" his wife said.

Very much enjoyed this
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