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Domming: What to do when life gets in the way.


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I consider myself a confident don, and I have enough experience now to be able to handle most situations with that same confidence. One area that still frequently trips me up is when I set an expectation (think “you’re not allowed to orgasm until I see you Monday”), but then life gets in the way and prevents me from following through (think “I got sick and can’t see you Monday”).

Follow-through is obviously fundamental to a trusting D/S relationship. Just looking for advice and insight on how best to handle it when life prevents that follow-through.


Thanks in advance...


funnily enough.  I'm drafting a blog which has a point on touching on following through.  I have had a major issue with people who've made offers and then not follow through and it's left me feeling awful.

If you can't follow through then, you're right, you made a promise you can't keep and that's important.  However, as you say - life sometimes throws a curveball.


What would work for me.  As SOON as you know you can't follow through, let me know. Apologise. Reschedule.   That's the minimum.  I might feel unimportant when this happens, so, is there anything you can offer to make up for it?


That’s pretty much what I did. I promised also to repay every orgasm she missed because of it - not something she’d usually get. Doing the best I can. Follow-through is everything, but life sometimes prevents it.

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