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**TW** Stalker


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*Trigger Warning Stranger Sex*


It started like any ordinary day on Twitter, the hello's and loves shared out among the selfies and people I knew. I was pleased to see in the notifications that a couple of people had followed, so clicked on profiles to check them out. One was another lost soul posting mournful poetry, and the other a cute 30-something girl from up North. Her posts made me chuckle, some were quite irreverent, so I thought hell, why not. I did what I always do, sent a tweet thanking them both for following, blah blah blah, then went to make a coffee.

When I came back I had a notification, and in it the girl , Gerri, said thanks and was looking forward to reading my rubbish. I called her a cheeky bitch and left it at that.
Later that evening she popped up again, liking something I had laughed about from another poster, and we exchanged a little banter before she vanished.
Over the next couple of weeks we talked briefly most days, with mild insults being the usual format, coupled with stupid memes or emojis. Nothing special.

It took me by surprise when I received a DM from her asking about my books, and from that day on we talked privately while posting other stuff into the world. Over time I got to know about her life, she had a son, what she did for work, and the banter turned into quite naughty flirting. She was funny and smart, plus had a very dark sense of humour that I gravitate towards...until the day she asked, and I gifted, a copy of a book.

She didn't appear for a couple of days, and just as I was thinking another one had bitten the dust I got a DM.

"Does that all really happen?"

I replied yes, it does, and is the world I like to live in. There was an hours pause before her next message.

"Can I have book 2?"

I mailed her the link for the book, as I still had free copies I could gift across Amazon, and left it at that.

No more contact for over 4 days before the next DM appeared

"Do YOU do these things?"

I replied in the affirmative, and waited. 2 hours later, another DM.

"I like some of these things, they have made me squirm, but not sure I would be able to submit. You would have to come and just make me"


My mind went into overdrive immediately, though in my reply I laughed it off and said I would scare her to death. The flirting continued to get a little more heated before she signed off for the night.

I sat sipping a drink and thinking for several hours. I could do that. I knew the town where she lived, I knew her routines, and she had even sent me pictures of the park near her home (which I recognised)...I knew enough. I could find her. She had told me she dropped her son off at 8 am at the nursery near the park before going to work, so I knew from there I could follow her and find out where she lived.
There were alarms going off in my head, don't even think it Scribe, but I went to bed that night with a very kinky scenario playing in my mind.

I had more or less forgotten about it the next time we chatted, until she decided to tease.

"So when are you going to grab me and have your wicked way? I could get undressed in front of the window if I knew you were watching?"

I told her not to keep poking the bear, and she laughed and said I was a wuss.
That did it.
The rest of the day we chatted briefly, and I told her I was away the next day so would catch up with her soon. She sent me a cheeky pic of her wearing a very short skirt and skimpy top with the caption "Wish you were here" before signing off. The growls had started, and I muttered at the screen...

"We shall see how you actually feel about that missy."

I looked at the clock. 11pm...okay...that gave me 9 hours to be at the nursery. A couple of hours sleep, a 3 hour steady drive, and I could be there for 7-7.30 in the morning. No problem.

After sleep, a shower, and quite an easy drive I arrived at the park a little before 7 am, so had time to circuit in order to find the nursery. It wasn't hard to spot, there were cars already arriving with parents dropping off kids, so I parked a little up the road with a good view of the entrance. Hunkering down in my seat so as not to be too obvious, I could feel the first twists of anticipation starting.

The clock read 0755, so I watched the entrance, and my mirrors, for any sign of her....until I spotted a girl with a little lad walking up the road from behind me. I slid down in my seat further, and waited until they had passed. It was Gerri, and she looked a lot more attractive in the flesh. I lifted my phone, and snapped off a couple of pictures of her going into the nursery, and then when she came back out and walked back up the road. They will come in handy later.

I waited until she was around 100 yards away before I slipped out of the car and started to follow. I kept to the other side of the street (I had seen them do that in movies so thought may as well) and followed her into a small housing estate less than half a mile from the park. I hung back, as I could see the front of all the houses, so would know which she went into. I snapped a couple more pictures as she opened the bright blue front door of her house and disappeared inside. Ten minutes later she reappeared, this time dressed in a smart two-piece suit, and, to my horror, walked to a small car parked at the curb. Fuck. I had forgotten she drove to work! I made a mental note of her car...Red Ford...2018 plate...before turning and heading back to my own car as fast as I could. It took far longer than I wanted, and was fairly sure I would have no chance of tailing her now...but what else could I do?

I drove at highly illegal speeds through the small streets, knowing there was a short cut around the park...provided the morning rush hour hadn't clogged it up. I knew the town well enough to figure out that where she worked was not in the very centre, but at the large business and retail park that ran along the river. If I could get to the first bridge quickly, I would have a very small chance of spotting her car as there was only one major route in and out.

I got there, and, as expected, there was no sign of her. I was cursing my own stupidity when I spotted her car. It was parked outside a small office block.
Got her!

It was a LONG day sat there waiting, and I nearly missed her leaving the building at 3.30 to go and collect her son. I managed to snap a couple more pictures of her getting into her car and driving past, and waited a few minutes before pulling out and heading back across town. I knew where she would be this time.

I positioned my car so I could easily see her house, and snapped a few more pictures as she arrived home and took her son inside.
I knew I had to be careful, as a small housing estate like this would have people who liked to keep an eye on what others were doing...and that would include strangers like me.
I needed the cover of darkness.

Five long hours later, and the dusk had settled nicely. I climbed out of the car and set off on foot towards her house, being careful to stay out of the light from the neighbours windows and street lamps. The anticipation had built all day, and, though there was a part of me warning this could all go horribly wrong, I was commited now.
I walked past her house at first, taking the opportunity to see what the surroundings were like. Gerri's house had what looked like a secluded back garden, though the front was far too open, and I needed the cover. The garden would do.

I walked back past the house, before using the cover of her car now on the driveway to slip around the side. The gate to her back garden was unlocked (silly girl) so I eased it open, pausing for a second when it squeaked, then closed it as quietly as I could behind me. I was breathing fast, so I took a moment to steady my nerves...I had to make this very controlled if it was to work.

I found a great spot in the darkness, hidden by a low bush, but with a clear view of the back of the house. her curtains were still open, and several times I caught a glimpse of her as she moved around. I had to time this right...I needed her son to be in bed. I hunkered down, and waited.

I gave it another hour, then turned on my phone to log into Twitter. There were a few messages, nothing from Gerri, so I composed a hello, hows your day etc etc and pressed send.
I saw her come into her back room, obviously looking for her phone, and watched as she tapped the buttons to read the message. My phone buzzed.

"Hiya, its been the same old same old, nothing spectacular, hows your day out been?"

I smiled in the darkness as I tapped a reply

"Oh, you know, nothing out of the ordinary, did a little sight seeing."
I attached the first pic I had of her at the nursery and clicked send.

I waited almost 5 minutes before my phone buzzed again.

"WTF!!!" Is that me???? How did you get that??? Where are you???"

I replied quickly.

"Oh no, I don't think so, I was just passing through a town and saw this girl I quite fancied...she's cute isn't she. I saw her again later while having a coffee.."
I attached the one of her leaving her office.

My phone buzzed again.

"Fucking hell!!! That IS me!! You mad fucker, how did you get that??? Are you still here???"

I sent a simple short reply

"That would be telling. Still want to get undressed at your window?"

I watched her get the message, and immediately walk up to the window, peering out into the dark of her garden. I knew she couldn't see me, so i kept still. I watched her tap away at her phone.

"Are you crazy??? Are you watching me??? I fucking knew you were slightly weird!!"

I replied quickly again.

"Go and do it."

I watched her read the message, and come back to the window again tapping her reply.

"You want me to get undressed at my window???"

I snapped a picture of her standing there, and attached it to my reply.


I watched as she read the message, her hand going up to her mouth as she looked again out into her dark garden. Now she knew I was there. Her reply wasn't as fast as before.

"I don't think I can do that. OMG you are fucking mad!!! You are in my garden!!"

I tapped my reply fast.

"Do as you are told. Show me, you little tease, get undressed in the window."

I saw her read it, her hand now running through her hair, and she paced for a few seconds across the room. I could almost see the fight in her from where I was. I decided I would push my luck.

"Do it now, and I will show you what it looks like from here."

She stood looking out into the garden for several seconds, before turning and walking across the room. The lights flicked out. I held my breath until I could see her again. She had moved into the next room, what looked like a dining room, and it had a large glass sliding door that opened into the garden. She stood close to the glass, motionless for a few seconds, then her hands went up to her shirt.
She slowly unbuttoned her shirt, letting it fall open to reveal her bra. I snapped a picture, quickly sending it with the message..."Go on..."

She turned to the table behind her, picked up her phone, read the message, and turned back to face me. She reached for the waistband of her jeans, flipping the one button, and slowly wriggled them down her legs. She kicked them away, and stood still again. I snapped another picture, and sent it.
She glanced at it quickly, then slid her shirt from her shoulders, dropping it on the floor. She picked up her phone and tapped away.

"Is this what you want? Do you like what you see?"

Quickly I replied.

"Yes to both, but I want more."

She read the message, paused for about 30 seconds, then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. There was another slight pause before she also let that fall to the floor. She stood there, her breasts just brushing the glass, and waited. I took another picture, sending with the message.

"You are nearly ready, don't make me wait now."

She read it, her hand at her throat, and I could see the hesitation in her. She placed her phone down, hooked her thumbs into the top of her panties, and slowly lowered them down her thighs. She shuffled them down her lower legs, and flipped them away with her foot. She stood against the glass, now naked, and waited again. I snapped a picture, my hands trembling slightly as I replied.

"Ready to be taken now?"

She glanced at her phone. She pressed herself against the glass, allowing me to see her clearly, and her left hand went out to release the lock on the sliding door. I heard the click even above the rushing blood in my ears. She turned and picked up her phone, tapping away quickly, before turning to look out into the garden again. She paused for a few seconds, then backed away into the dark of the room.
My phone buzzed. A short message.


I watched as she had backed away, and with the message now in my shaking hand I had an idea.
I carefully balanced my phone between branches of the closest bush, so that it could clearly film the glass door.. After pressing record, I walked slowly across and opened the sliding door..stepping inside and letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. I could see Gerri against the wall, her nakedness making her stand out against the darker decor. Without saying a word I walked over, standing very close, her perfume and heat intoxicating. She stared at me with large eyes, her lower lip trembling slightly, but she didn't move.

I reached up and slid my hand around the back of her neck, and after growling "Come with me" I steered her back across the room so I could press her against the cool glass door. She whimpered slightly at the contact, and gave a little mewl when I spoke into her ear.

"I want you to see what you look like being enjoyed this way, so be a good girl and do exactly what I ask. Spread your feet a little wider apart, and move up onto your toes."

She did as I asked, and I lowered my hand to roam across the inside of her thigh before moving it up to cup her pussy. I knew that it would be able to be seen by my phone. The heat from her was gorgeous, and as I pressed my fingers into her soft flesh I could feel the dampness waiting for me. She moaned and shuddered as I ground her clit under My fingertips, and her head tilted back to rest on my shoulder. She breathing was fast and shallow.

"For gods sake do it!"

I chuckled, and unzipped my pants, easing my already swollen cock out so that it bounced against her ass. She hissed in her breath, and moved even higher on her toes so that it slipped between her open thighs. As soon as it rubbed over her pussy she tilted her hips, her head turning so she could look up at me.

"Please...I need this!"

I adjusted My position, using my hand to guide the tip of my cock against her opening. As I started to enter her she pushed back at me, wanting me inside quickly. She moaned loudly as I sank deeper, her muscles clenching tightly on my cock as she ground against me. I was engulfed in a hot, wet vice, and knew I wouldn't last long. Lowering my head I gripped her shoulder in my teeth and started to pump against her, using my hands to lift her up so that I could get as deep as I could. We were both grunting, hers higher pitched to my deeper, and the sound of our fast coupling filled the room. We were making the glass door vibrate on its runners, and that seemed to add to the sensations of the hard, fast fucking. She gasped and started to shudder.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum..come with me!"

Her insides turned to liquid fire, and I was helpless to resist. She writhed against me as I pumped and emptied into her, our need almost causing us to fall to the side. I could barely hold her against the glass as she arched not once, but twice, and I simply let her take what she needed.

With a long drawn-out sigh she leaned back into me, my cock slipping from her as she lowered herself down again. She turned to look up at me, a small chuckle escaping from her dry lips.

"Is this where I call the Police and report a stalker?"

I just grinned happily, and kissed the tip of her nose.

"Report what the fuck you like, cutie, I have the film to prove my innocence!"

Her eyes went larger, and she leaned back to look closely at me.

"What film?"

Nov 24, 2021

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