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Breast milk

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I've found that lactating breasts are a huge turn on for me....but I have to imagine it's hard to find partners (just because it's a timing thing, guessing most breastfeeding women are already in a relationship, etc)


Anyone else that's into this and has found success finding a partner? Any safety concerns you need to be aware of? Any other helpful tips, etc?

Also curious if this is something women find arousing as well (to have someone suck on their lactating breasts ....)

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Safety concerns? I'll say this... if you're lactose intolerant, it's 10x worse with human milk! Found that out the hard way. Really killed the mood.
- It is possible, though not easy, to bring on lactation. It's notable to say not all cases is this possible due to many reasons, even stress issues. Unnecessary pressure could break any possible partnership.

- As far as people being into it? It's a much more common like than people think and can even be used as a service.

- Safety is the usual standards- SSC, cleanliness, mutually liked/beneficial/agreed to. There's a very slim line between often enough and too often in the activity. I'd recommend giving rest days/times if it becomes too sore/sensitive/injured. Though, that shouldn't really be the case if communication is first and foremost. Make sure you and said partner always communicate on feelings, doubts, anxieties, anything.
If there is any bleeding, scabbing, bruising, avoid activity, cool compacts/ice packs wrapped in a towel/material of sorts for comfort, any moisturising cream such as E45, even coconut oil or Vaseline will help the skin repair from tears.

- Women can also find lactation and giving, producing, the sucking/light nibbling, kissing arousing as its essentially nipple play and very stimulating.
Hope this helps and have fun with it.
Needless to say, but still, just be careful and sensitive based on partners needs/limits/levels/feelings.

I am into this, however I have yet to find anyone to try it with. Good luck to you.

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