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Primal play and *** personas


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I'm without a doubt predominantly a primal, and to me a major characteristic of primal play is the lack of definitions and limitations (don't get me wrong, I'm not throwing the golden rules of sex and kink/BDSM out the window) - it is a minimally filtered expression of feelings and desires, and how these thing are expressed depends on the individual person. However, when I present myself as a primal, I've occasionally been asked either about my *** or whether or not primal play is something with being an *** (sometimes, but not always, confused with pet play). Personally, I don't identify with ***s - or maybe you could say that I identify as a human, but simply release the primal/***istic/unrefined/savage aspects of the human ***. I may add that I'm in large part a follower of philosophies that view humans as ***s.

For me, being primal is about the freedom to be who you truly are and embrace the *** you are. The longer I've been practicing primal play, the more my everyday, non-sexual personality and my primal side have mixed, and while I don't go full primal in my public daily life, my personality has changed and the polite everyday me has mixed with the fierce, rough and dominant me, and I feel like I'm a more complete and true version of myself now. I've also noticed that as I've allowed the two to blend, I've gotten much more in tune with my senses - both consciously and subconsciously.

If I were to take on the behaviours of specific ***s, that would - to me - counter the idea of being primal. That would change things into a roleplay for me, and I would instead be putting on a mask rather than taking off the masks of society.

I'm not saying that acting like a non-human *** is wrong. I'm only saying that it is wrong for ME. But because I don't personally identify as non-human ***s, I'm quite curious about how many people identify with or take on the role/characteristics of specific non-human ***s, and I'm interested in understanding how other people experience their primal side and how it would affect your primal experience to either act like a non-human *** or not acting like a non-human ***.
Also, since labels are a big part of the kink world, do you think there is a need for sub-dividing primal play into an *** variant and non-*** variant?

To answer the question, I don't think there's a need at all.
Too many focus on specifically asking what people are, instead of listening and seeing who they are.
I love a lot of aspects of Primal. But if I was to say where I get each trait from and when, where, we'd be here all day as there's many taken from different ***s and different behaviours without identifying as them. The whole subject is to be as raw and natural, unrestricted as ***s are to roam free. In my opinion, anyway.
Honestly, people could go on and on, down a track of umbrella terms and subcategories, but it's just making things more confusing than needs be. I'm sure someone would say if they identified as a specific *** during play. But myself? It's just primal. Or as stated, I'd be here all day explaining every part 😅🐈 🐕 🐒 🦝 🦔 🐼 🦎 🦭 🦂
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