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Being a primal in a city of sheep


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The passion, excitment, the *** of your own potential.

This is MY life as a primal hunter.

I think first of all the first think i noticed as a kid growing up was how i liked to hold down the girls, chase, tackle, pin down and... well... i never knew what to do after that.

Id lose interest once id caught them.. like how a cat would injure a small bird then just paw it hoping it would get up and fight again.

I soon was taught by society that my urge to stalk my prey was to be suppressed, too many times id make someone cry or an adult would see me and my willing "friend" and think they are watching a violent or maybe a sexual act from a child.

So i was raised to *** this flame in me, it was installed in me that i am an ***r from a young age, always holding back and hating myself for wanting to bite all the pretty girls.

Years pass and like we all experience my wild fire inside got far more intense, and very much focused.

Id found my place in the world.. id become a warrior, i grew muscles, my body more lean, id gained a taste for girls and i now hunted in packs.

I was still having to hold back, and even more now that im stronger and able to hurt the people i play with, and FUCK did i want to play, but too many times id lose myself and not realise i was being very aggressive, amongst my friends people could feel my energy pulsing, some ***ed it, some were drawn to it.. i never at the time understood the difference.

I wanted to fight all my friends for fun, i needed to know who was the strongest, my friendships never lasted long, you was either too weak to be in my pack, or couldnt put up with my constant challenging. 

My constant inward looking made me quite a thoughtful person, when you spend your whole life holding back or checking yourself you come across very quiet and maybe even cute.. so you can imagine i attracted quiet and cute girls, or ones that wish to own a quiet or cute pet.. and in both cases id disapoint.

Life got hard around this point, i was sexually active and always being told i was too rough, or worse.. im scary.

I couldn't help it, these girls gave me attention, made me feel comfortable and this would cause my fire to burn like an inferno, setting me ablaze, blinding me from the marks im about to make, or how hard im fucking someone as my fingers are digging into their skin..

Dont get me wrong, some loved that, im sure i opened plenty of doors for girls out there, but FUCK did i feel such shame.. im an ***r, i hurt the ones i love, im out of control.

I hated that i was turned on by being ignored, my heart racing because they cant see me getting closer

I hated how bright my vision got as im drawn closer

I hated how my mouth watered and my jaw clenched as i see a patch of skin i wanted to sink my teeth into.

Before i knew it i was behind them, with my hand around their throat lifting them onto thier toes with my other hand down their pants growling "youre fucking mine" and Ohhh if they struggled.. why was the struggle such a turn on.. why was being told to stop the sexiest part, why was i attracted to the high pitched screams.. why am i an ***r, am i going to be a rapist? Is this who i am? What the fuck is wrong with me?

I lived with this *** a long time sex become a gentle thing, i realised id stopped having sex as much and would much more prefer to just make my partners  cum over and over then leave them twitching in a puddle of their own fluids as i sneak out to avoid the awkwarness of accidentally hurting the one i love.

Still in my life i was an alpha, i still hadnt learnt about kink, but looking back i laugh at how much of a literal wolf in sheep's clothing i was.

Years past and i met the most deer looking girl of my dreams.. i couldnt breath around her. So confident, but whenever i touched her she looked so scared.. she'd get excited when she would see my mouth watering, she would struggle and pose when we had sex.. and try push me off, she loved the idea of non consentual sex.. and i hated the idea of being a rapist..boy did i have a dilemma.

I hated hated HATED that she wanted me to hurt her, it insulted me. We never worked out.

I just hated myself too much, i was fighting it all my life. It was so wrong.

But once we broke up id remembered this BDSM thing she'd told me about.. i devoted a solid year to this, she'd told me im a Dom and i need to embrace it.  And boy did i.. i read books, i watched shows, i never come out as kinky, not until i met an author.. a BDSM author with amazing insight and her books spoke to me, i had to have her.. she said she only does kink, no vanilla, and seeing as i now talked the talk all i had to do was walk the walk..

She told me she was a little, and by this point i figured im a daddy, im caring, i love being the adult, i love love love all things cute and innocent. She taught me so much and i ate it up. Eventually she got pretty famous and we was both too busy to make things happen.

But that sling shot into the world of BDSM, i found out im a primal hunter..

I dont like prey, and i want to mate with other hunters and that struggle i love.. well now thats a struggle for who can make the other cum first.. have you ever had a girl fight you to suck your dick, have you ever had to pin someone down because theyare scared youll make them cum to quick? Have you ever walked into a room with a mother fucking lioness on your arm and thought


welcome to my world

Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad you found that a lot of people are into what you are and that it's okay to be you.
Love this! Such a fantastic written piece & touching areas that I’m sure many of us who have always had this running through our veins, have experienced or asked ourselves as we grew up. It also shows why the barrier to find those who are like us/accept us is a hard barrier to lift. You sound perfect as you’ve learnt to accept & embrace who you are within this journey 😊
A lot of that resonates with my personal journey. Well written too.

Haha can you see i rushed the end as i was about to go into  work and i wanted it loaded before i come in 😂🤣

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Thank you for writing what you did.I've always thought of myself as prey and enjoy being hunted,a little bit afraid of the hunter and very willing to be hurt ,be it bitten,hit or caned for trying to resist.In a room full of Doms i enjoy the *** i have of being stalked,knowing i will be taken back to their lair.Don't ever feel ashamed of feeling the way you do.I spend my life waiting to be caught,and dare i say it,hunted down,trapped,pinned down and hurt and ***d to submit.Assuming it's consensual i genuinely enjoy it.

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