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Primal mating

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We have been messaging for weeks, phoning daily. Really in each others minds.

Our deepest desires laid bare, the videos with you with others only igniting my passion further.


I walk in to your quiet cottage, a passionate kiss and to your bedroom.


I pin you to the wall growling, lifting your summer dress to rip off your tiny panties. The *** taking over, primal me wanting to take you and claim you.

Your eyes widen as I lift you, legs around my waist, my throbbing uncut manhood unzipped and pushing its way in to you, your grip is intense sliding my skin back exposing my throbbing helmet.

The echos of you being thrust in to the wall fill the room, until I throw you on the bed, pulling your hair and skull fucking you. Your throat expands to my size, your eyes glued to mine. Pumping, the drool coating my dick. I flip you over, doggy on the bed, pulling your hair, the growls now filling the room.

Pulling your hair look in the mirror, as I am behind you, capturing you, claiming you.

I growl as my will gives in sending a hot flood of primal goodness in to you. I collapse exhasted, drained the weeks of build up. You cuddle me and I respond, cuddling, kissing, chatting. So natural, hands on each other caressing. 

Truly mated as a couple.

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