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She must have walked by the damn thing a dozen times daily, at least.

What made today different? Was it that it was only a little more than half full, or that the liner had slipped from a corner into the bin? She wasn't sure. Maybe it was the dirt and streaks from people absently kicking it on the sides, but she did take notice today. Taking the doorway into the bathroom too quickly, she accidently bumped the trash can, knocking it over to slightly spill crumpled tissues and waste paper onto the floor.

Staring down at the long, rectangular container, it was as if he had crawled up into her head, taking all command over her thoughts. As if by instinct, her hands gripped the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it aside; tugging at her panties, the saturated crotch clung to her sloppy cunt, and she was astounded how it oozed once the soiled fabric slid down her thighs lewdly to settle around her ankles.

She felt a mere puppet to that monster in head, he lifted her left foot free from the discarded garment, forcing her body to straddle the trash can like a lusting lover. Certainly, it wasn't her gyrating her hips, finding the edge to grind her pulsating pussy against; it was all him! That demon possessed her hand to slide down her torso, over her pubis to splay wide the folds of her quivering quim so she better kiss the rough, hard plastic with her clit.

Grinding down caused spasms over her flesh, and it was definitely he that forced her to begin bucking her hips with luscious abandon. Her labored breath sang with obscene moans and grunting, and she leaned forward, pressing her hanging tits against the bin, smashed beneath her. His unyielding fingers fisted in her hair, she pushed her face to the brim, her saliva dripping tongue licking at it hungrily as the throes of orgasm washed over her.

That trash can banged loudly against the floor as the filthy slut came all over it, littering debris across the room.

The convulsions threw her sweaty form to floor beside the can, a puddle of her passion between them, still dripping from the side of it. She did not remember last time she had experienced such an intense orgasm; secretly and silent, she thanked him. Panting to catch her breath, she spoke in a hushed whisper as if confessing before him, "I'm such a filthy piece of trash for you...your trash. Please...don't throw me away."

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