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All new on this scene...


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I´m totaly fresh at this.

So please help me on this journey.

How does this work? and what can I do?


I think you're currently at the 'very new' stage where you've decided you're interested in kink but either

a - don't know what you're into or what that is

b - do, but are afraid to communicate 

what is it about kink/fetish/"the lifestyle" that interests you?  In even the most complex of fantasies, what do you want to do?   Because the pathway could differ wildly.


It might be a good idea to have a look at some you tube videos to get an idea of what is available and what floats your boat so to speak. It may also help you to decide whether you want to do all the things or have them done to you or maybe a bit of both. Read the magazine here for ideas and tips

Another really good way is to join your local community, go to munches and events,  talk to real people and maybe watch a few scenes at a play event

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