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Do you trust me?


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I need you to trust me. Do you trust me?
I stop to think. He wouldnt be saying those words just because... there was meaning to his question. Do I trust him?
I want to fulfil one of your fantasies. You can stop this at any time. All you have to do is say Red and we stop okay princess?
Yes Daddy.
Good girl. Now get on your knees.
I was naked. On my knees in front of the door to his room wondering what the fuck was going to happen. He never questioned if I trusted him. He had never hurt me. Well at least not in a way I didn't want him to.
He walks out and I appreciate his nice ass before I remember to look down.
My mind races with the possibilities. He had already fulfilled quite a lot of my fantasies..
I heard the bell ring and everything stops. What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck? Who the hell is at the door? Pizza man?
Hi mate.
Oh fuck. I recognize that voice and it is not the pizza man.
Hey. Come on in.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Am I ready for this? Fucking two guys was always one of my fantasies. I hear steps getting closer to the door and passing the door. I'm there. Naked. On my knees. Legs open as further as I could open them. Eyes on the ground. I couldn't see him apart from his feet. I knew exactly what he looked like since I saw him almost every two days. He was one of Daddy's best friends and he was pretty similar to daddy in many ways.
The steps move further and I know they are talking but I cant make out the words with the ring in my ears. All I know is that daddy is sitting on the sofa with one of his friends watching TV.
Many scenarios cross my mind as I am thinking about becoming the middle of the most delicious sandwich I could have ever hoped for. The bell rings again.
What the fuck?! Now it seriously has to be the pizza guy right?
I hear Daddy get up and his steps coming closer and moving away.
The eager naughty voice that reaches my ears is definitely not the pizza guy either. But this one is not exactly my type. He is the too eager and too selfish to truly please kind of guy.
I brought some beers.
No beers tonight.
More steps coming and going and I know that another guy has seen me naked in all my glory whilst I was looking at his shoes and feeling the most excited and anxious I had ever felt.
Do I want this? Do I want to risk it all? Daddy's question rings in my ear. Do you trust me? I fucking trust him but part of my brain is going red.
The conversation is flowing between the three of them. I can feel the tension in the air. Maybe it is all me? How long had I been there kneeling? As soon as the question pops into my head I feel the pain in my body. My knees and legs and ankles. Fuck. A while now.
Princess come here.
The words hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that daddy had left me there for this long for a reason. For me to stop this before it even begun if that's what I wanted. I hadn't stop it. But could I go on?
Fuck it all to hell.
I get up. And I walk to the sofa. Spine straight. Boobs forward. Sway my ass like I fucking own the place. There is no place for shame in here. Daddy deserves more than that.
As I was about to kneel he orders me to sit on his lap and puts me up for display while we all watch TV while not watching TV.
I'm wondering what the fuck next and once again I'm seeing different scenarios. 3 cocks... I do have three holes so... yum. The images in my head are quite nice..
Princess get on your knees and suck my cock. Dont make me cum but give me a nice time. I want my friends to see how good you can be...
He whispered in my ear. My instant reaction was a big naught smile which tells me all I need to know.
I want this... to show off Daddy. To show off my skills.. to be fucked by these 3 men. Oh yeah. I want this bad!
I get on my knees and I look at daddy with a smile on my face while I open up his trousers and take of his hard cock. Yum! I love this cock. I know it so well.
My mouth waters and I bring my wet tongue out to lick Daddys cock. Bottom to head. And start working his head with my tongue. Just a little teasing and well... Daddy did ask me to put on a show..
I hear daddy growl in pleasure and start sucking the head of his thick cock into my mouth and work it down slowly. Until I am deep throating Daddys cock. I come up for hair and let my saliva drop from my mouth to his cock before I start working it again.
I am so distracted by my task that I forget the two other guys I the room. I dont hear their trousers opening. Their shirts dropping on the ground or their shoes being put away.
All I can see is daddy and his cock but as I look up again to him I see his eyes looking at something behind me and I suddenly remember we are not alone in his flat.
I feel two pairs of hands on my ass.
Princess get on all fours. Let my friends see your wet pussy and your tight little asshole.
I do as he says without letting his cock leave my mouth. I love his cock and it deserves all the love in the world.
Good girl he mutters as I get his cock down my throat and stop there. Breathing through my nose even though its on his belly. Sucking his cock with my throat. Not moving an inch.
The two eager hands on my ass never leave it but then I feel two more experienced hands on my back, caressing me and giving me goosebumps that the hands on my ass could only dream of giving me. Patience truly is a virtue in this game. Control is everything.
Daddy grabs my air and pulls me up with a growl. I am forced on my knees again and as I look up I see three hungry wolves staring at me with starvation in their eyes.
Yum! I'm going to be fucking eaten alive tonight.
I look at him because it will always be him, and now I know.
I trust you Daddy.

Nice story. Have one of those little sticky silver stars they used to put in your exercise book if you had done particularly good homework. Though the star should go on your butt cheek, of course.

mmmmmmmm  I am wanting to read more.... 

5 hours ago, Butterfly4U said:

mmmmmmmm  I am wanting to read more.... 

I have posted more in here. It's hard to find it though. If you have fet maybe its easier to find them there ;) 

A big big thanks for your compliment ♡

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