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The birth of a Dom (part1)

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It was a few years ago but I remember it as if it was yesterday. It was an unusual day where I needed some help from a close friend. I paid an early morning visit to his house but to my surprise only his wife was there opening the door for me. She was two years older than me and I always found her very attractive. Not just because of her character that seemed to portray a rare sense of directness in every possible way (socially, erotically etc) but also she was an athlete for most of her life and 5’11”.
Always with a smile and a hoarse voice every time she was talking to me, for the first time , alone with her in the house she invited me in .
There are moments in life that feel as if you are destined for them, a hidden intuition that feels as a background task running in the most primitive part of your head…
I had been in that house countless times but this is how it felt that particular time when I stepped in passing the front door.
I remember she had the music on and she politely asked me if I wanted something to drink and offered one of her favourite deserts that she had prepared earlier this morning. I gracefully declined the offer and thanked her, asking when my friend would be back at home. She said to me that she was expecting him soon and I could wait for him there while asking me to be excused as she had to prepare something on the upper floor of the house. While she was going up the stairs I couldn’t keep it from noticing/imagining (to a certain degree) her beautiful athletic figure through her tight sweatpants.
I sat on the comfortable sofa with the relaxing rather romantic music with my back facing an external window until the moment that she came down.
To my surprise she had changed to jeans with a very nice purple top and clearly used her make up. She said that she had to go somewhere soon but kept the conversation up. She was always such an easy and direct person, sexy in her own clumsy way even when discussing the simplest things. I could verify my sense that something different was in The air when she heard a nice rather erotic/uplifting song and she asked me to dance it with her . While laughing I stood up and starting dancing with her. She was such a simple lady. Not of any great education or fine manners but attractive and always fun .
I couldn’t help it but get closer to her and although the song was uptempo she started slowing down and her hands would now explore the upper part of my body in the most innocent way . There was so much awkwardness as if we were both kids …Up until that time I was always faithful to my wife (20 years of marriage) and she was married to one of my best friends… We had forgotten how to flirt, yet alone the guilt of the moment was making things almost impossible.
I did feel that she was more determined than me, sending that I was not making the first move… Next thing I remember she pushed me to the sofa to the point that I completely lost my balance.
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