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The birth of a Dom (part 2)

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She closed the blinds behind it and without loosing a moment she removed her jeans . I asked her about my friend’s (her husband) arrival time again and she replied with a devilish smile that he’ll be back later that afternoon. I remember observing that moment (will never forget it in my life). Her beautiful body, athletic beautiful thighs and a purple underwear , very transparent showing her freshly shaven kitty. She was so sexy, her two lips were protruding outside her panties just enough to make my manhood grow to full size. She came close to me, while I was on the sofa. My head was at the right height and everything was in plain view. Her dominant stance woke up something very primal inside me. In my life, despite my achievements, i always considered myself a quiet and down to earth person. The only natural exceptions were in sports/competition and sex (the ultimate expression of freedom). I knew at that point that she was not aware … this was something that she was not going to contain and control. I touched her for a second before bringing her close to me, to sense her odour and use both my hands to get inside her. She smelled fresh and simple, she moaned in pleasure and she was fully wet. Her mind had already given me permission to get inside her from both sides, in the first 20 seconds of intimacy . At that pointed she stepped back and removed her panties only to reveal her beautiful pink instrument of pleasure … before getting a chance to come back to me, and while on the sofa I removed my pants so that she could see the outline of my manhood on my underwear. I knew I was well above average and the last time I saw this look from a woman was 20 years ago …Yet, I was still teasing her but I was suffering more than her. All of my primitive instincts were awaken. I already knew that she would simply be an object in my hands. I slowly removed my shorts only to reveal to her that was equally attracted … fully aroused, uncut and with precum all over the surrounding area. She was moving her head towards me when she realised that in the heat of the moment this would not be enough. The energy exchange had to be intense/primal and she didn’t want to take me in her mouth like this on the very first time. I did sense it but for me what was going to follow would be more satisfactory anyway… she opened her legs in front of me, making me even hornier and she said, go slow, I am very tight … I knew that already as she was explaining all this to my wife months back - which I happened to hear (because that was a condition of hers). She slowly started to take my head inside her , separating her beautifully hanging lips and she was tight as expected. Wet and tight until I hit the midpoint only to feel that her vaginal path was getting suddenly tighter. .. she moaned and stoped there but I kept going in looking at her face. Pleasure and pain at the same time.
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