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Scenario of thoughts

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As I open the bedroom door
The bright sunlight almost blinds threw the
Half open curtains
I see a figure in shadow as I walk into the room
Closer to the to the bed
As I approach the shadows turn to human form
The delicate curves subtle shapes
Formed by the light hitting your body
Glancing shining totally naked apart from
The ropes that are wrapped around your legs
And the soft shine of the black tights over your legs and thighs
Wait !
You sense a presence close by and begin to riggle
As that seXy bump of your raises from the sheets
I notice
Between your clasped thighs
the pink
Petal like folds slightly rosey aroused by restraints
Of the sweet wet cunt that desperately needs attention
Below the round pert bum cheeks that so want to wiggle
Your legs tied up can only shuffle
Then at once the rattle of metal
Stretching out your body reveals leather
Binding cuffs around your wrists
Have you been playing with your damp cunt
A voice asks
A murmured voice whispers in your ear
Good girl

Your response to the question is to
As you feel the warm breath
Tingling the hairs on the back of your neck
Shake your head murmure softly
No Sir
I have been a Good Girl
But Wait you sense brushing against your skin
Something  it is not flesh
It's soft but coarse ! Not cold or hot !
Your senses race ,what is it,
Suddenly another part of your naked flesh is electrified
Something Cold,Hard,
It rattles and clanks almost like a whisper
Excited you realise chains
Sir is pleased reward is there
You open your eyes you see threw the haze
Sir ? Is it Sir ! You can't tell
The man standing there is in a mask
You know the voice Yes seconds go past
Yes Sir it is Sir
All your skin is Excited now
Suddenly the hard steel brushes your hand
The snap of a link being clipped the the cuffs
I've been Good your brain screams
But you silently are pleased
Your nipples start to ache for attention
Buttocks shiver and tense
That clit between your thighs is on fire
  • 2 weeks later...

As your mind races and blood rushes 

You feel the intensity of your nipples

Begin to extend as your legs are opened

Wider and wider 

The thrust of a tongue upon your clit

Knees clamp tightly around someone's head

Your forearms move up and over your breasts

Trying to press against the flesh and pointing nipples

Suddenly hands grab your hips

In one swift move 

You are turned over on to you front 

Trapping your hands just below your breasts

Legs bent into the air knees apart

Ankles still tight tided 

Slowly your knees are pushed under your torso

Lifting your Buttocks 

And as a darting electric feeling mesmerising 

You think omg Sir is pleased

Your thighs are in shock 

A burst of fingers enter your pussy lips

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