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The date was a standing date, we had been sharing meals around town and getting a list of our favorite places to eat. As always knowing that we were going to be together even for a few short hours was sending a thrill down my spine. Causing my breast to tingle and my lips to moisten. I had never confessed my feelings and I didn't want to ruin anything going on but I had to go to the bedroom and pull up the pics of you, and I had many. Some were you at the office some were you at the bbq my husband and I had thrown a few weeks ago. I slide my hand down my panties and played with my lips and clit to help relieve the pressure. Just as I was reaching my climax my husband came in. Honey.....he stared at my writhing hips and smirked....that bad huh? You know we could always just ask him? We have been friends for awhile. I respect him and know that you want him inside of you bad! He came over to help me finish. His hands sliding up my thigh, " I could see him kissing you and fondling these huge breast! Why do you insist on keeping this out dirty secret? He knows we fuck other women and has asked us about how that works for us." His fingers work me like a fine tuned violin soon I am climaxing all over his fingers. The smile I sent him was both grateful and full of relief. I knew that being in close proximity to you would be hard but doubly hard if I was fighting not to orgasm on a chair in a public restaurant.
" Oh yeah baby he says he heard about this really small hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that just opened up. Would you like to try it?"
For some reason I got the feeling my wonderful husband was asking me two questions with one. I wasn't sure just what he was asking. Sure I replied watching him. I would have missed his mischievous smile if I hadn't been watching as closely.
Wear your short mini black baby I think tonight your going to get lucky and I mean really lucky.
I quirked my eyebrow and he just smiled.
Dressing up was never something I had liked before my husband and I had entered into the lifestyle of polyamory. But since we had started dating I wanted to present a good face. I never considered myself beautiful on the outside. To the world I was overweight and getting up in age but I had discovered that many people liked me just the way I am. But still as much as my husband was clearly the good-looking one of us I still wanted to try.
The dress barely brushed my butt and I knew that my husband loved walking behind me to see it skimming along my cheeks. What I didn't know was that he really had set me up! When I came into the living room there you were laughing and tipping a drink back. Your hand on my husband's shoulder as you looked over you wolf whistled. The grin that split your face was so rewarding then to have my husband turn and whistle also. I felt beautiful I can't explain the euphoria of knowing two hot men were staring at me like I was some dessert and they wanted it! The blush I felt rise up to my face must have made me look like a school girl going on her first date but I couldn't help it. When my husband asked me to twirl I did it just fast enough that my ass was completely exposed for a few seconds.
I couldn't believe it when I turned around and both you and my husband were rubbing your cocks through your pants!
"I am suddenly hungry but not for Chinese food." You stated and walked forward.
My breath caught in my through as you pulled me in tight grabbing my ass and kissing me like we had been kissing for years.
" On your knees my husband commanded me. Show him some hospitality!"
I dropped to my knees and undid your pants, your huge erection smacked me in the face. But before I could even lick my lips my husband was pulling my head around. "You have to show me some respect woman!" I immediately undid his pants also and holding both cocks I beg and to lick and suck taking turns until I tasted the precum of both of you.
I don't remember who drafted me up but I soon found myself bent over the sofa my dress bunched at my waist leaving my tits and ass bare.
I could feel you kneading my breast as my husband spread my generous cheeks to get to my dripping pussy!
His call for you to come share in the booty had me watching that delicious cock walk away but I wasn't sad for too long as soon I felt your fingers and tongue doing to my pussy what I had dreamed about for months! My husband decided to take advantage of my mouth and slammed his cock into it at the same moment you slammed your sausage into my pussy! I had never been fucked so well or so much as I was that night! Everytime I thought I couldn't do one more thing the two of you would start on my breast or my clit.
We did get Chinese food but I was laid out in the table while the two of you sampled it on various parts of my body or hand feed me between sucking your cocks.
It was sthe most erotic night ever and I soon hope to repeat it!
Wow I got a nice hard on from reading this Ty
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