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Discovering Nature


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We've been going out for a couple of weeks now. Things are not so bad. We've had plenty of missionary vanilla sex, we know the way around each other's bodies, our basic turn ons, we know the noises each other makes when we cum, that kind of thing. This afternoon, though, we're gonna discover more than we could have dreamed of....

We're taking a forest hike. It's dry but dull and clouds are threatening overhead. There are stragglers on our path every now and again. Most people can sense a storm brewing and head for the exit path, but because we both like rainy weather, we don't worry too much.

We've been walking the best part of an hour, chatting about small and mundane stuff. Suddenly, you start to slow your pace a bit 

"I need to pee" you say.

My cock twitches.

"Oh. Well, I don't think there's are toilets around here, babe", I reply. 

"Crap. Damn bladder of mine. We should turn back, see if we can get back home before the floodgates open". 

Your metaphor is meant as just that, but my traitorous cock hardens at the mental image your words conjure up.

We turn back for the exit path. We're going fairly quickly along but I can tell it's not quick enough for you. You start making little whiny noises as the pressure on your bladder grows. 

"Why not just go behind a tree or something?" I ask

"No, it's fine, I can make it back" you say. You're stubborn as a mule sometimes.

Not much further on though, you have to stop and begin to squeeze your legs together with the urge.

"Ugh. It's no good, babe. You're right. I'll need to-to find somewhere...gotta go really badly"

"O...kay" I reply. I'm stunned by the situation. My cock is like a rock now, if I wasn't wearing a coat you'd be able to see it straining hard against my jeans.

You hobble into a slightly wooded area, hampered by your need to relieve yourself, almost bent double. Finally, you can go no further and lean against a tall tree for support.

"Babe, I'm really sorry. I never do this, I always make sure I can get to the toilet okay" you say. You look almost tearful, with embarrassment, or shame. 

I decide to help you....to help myself? I ponder if the thing I'm about to do is purely a selfish act of sexual desperation, or a helping hand extending to bring you into my secret world. 

Why can't it be both? I ask myself

I hold you in a hug. First, you accept it, but it makes you uncomfortable due to the pressing on your full bladder. You pull away from me, but your time is up.

The floodgates, as you say, are opening.

"Oh no, oh no, oh NO!" you moan. You feel the warm wetness spreading first through your knickers, then into your jeans. Vainly you try to use your fingers to stem the flow, but it isn't happening. You can't help but look down at the gradually increasing wet patch spreading from between your legs.

Without thinking, I put my hand there. You wonder what on earth I'm doing, and for a split second you wonder if perhaps I'm the guy you spent the last few weeks getting to know. Or if you know me at all.

But when you look up, it's still me. Still my familiar smile, my caring glance. But now, intertwined with a burning passion you've never before seen.

"What....what are you doing?" you ask shakily

"Babe. It's okay. Trust me. Trust me, and relax"

And so you do.

The rate of your peeing increases. It's flowing down both your legs now, and feeling the streams running over your skin takes you back, way way back. It's primal, natural.....beautiful. 

I've still got one hand between your legs, and with it I start to massage your soaked crotch. This gives you feelings of intensity you've never experienced down there before. With my other hand, I hold you tight against the tree. Then I start to kiss you. Deeply, passionately. You're still peeing and I'm still rubbing you. You start to make low gutteral noises, as pleasure beyond your control rises from your drenched cunt. 

The flow of your piss slows and becomes a dribble, but you are so caught up in these new sensations that you barely notice. You want to cling onto the tree with both hands to help out your buckling knees, but in that moment I grab one of your hands and direct it towards my own crotch. 

Time for us to be equal with one another.

You think I'm trying to get your hand down my pants, but I place your hand right on my jeans, over my cock. You can feel how erect I am, but to your surprise, I seem to soften slightly.

"Are you....?" you try to say

"Shhh....just wait" I reply.

Then you begin to feel it 

Warmth and wetness spreading from the top of my crotch area. Your eyes widen in surprise as you realise I'm peeing too. 

That I'm peeing for YOU

Your hold over my wet crotch hardens. I'm still peeing and still rubbing you, and your pleasure is heightening more, and more. But you try to slow it down a bit. While I finish emptying myself. To allow me to catch up.

We're going to end this together.

As my own piss flow slows down and ends, you take the initiative and now put your hand in my sodden underwear. You feel my cock, which had been softer while I was peeing, but already stiffening again due to your hand, and due also to our utterly intense situation.

With your other hand you guide my hand down your knickers. I quickly insert two fingers into you, with the bottom of my palm just by your clit.

This won't take long, now.

We try to keep quiet, as we're not far from the main path, but the knowledge of this fact just makes us both more excited. Your hand is wrapped around my cock and you can feel my fingers fluttering inside you, the sensation of your drenched knickers on your cool bum. 

"Oh, oh, fuck, babe, fuck, FUCK!" your moaning builds to a little shout as your orgasm, the strongest I've ever given you, hits like the lightning of the oncoming storm. You feel another liquid leaving your body. Maybe it's more piss. Maybe you squirted a little. You don't care now. You look right into my eyes as I start to bend over slightly to increase the pleasure of your hand on my cock.

It works, brilliantly.

"Fucck, fuck, ugh, uh, uh, uh!" 

That's the noise I make as I cum. You feel the warm sticky substance over your fingers....is there more than usual? Surely there is? Yeah. There is. 

We slowly come down from our pleasure peak, and after simply sitting in silence a few minutes, we get to our feet, and see with straight eyes the state we're in. We both have obvious piss streaks down our jeans. But we both also have a look of utter contentment on our faces.

"Shall we - er - shall we head home then, love?" I ask. 

I'm half afraid that even now, post orgasm, now that the pleasure has peaked, that you'll call me weirdo, or leave me, deny that any such thing just happened.

But no. You fix your soaked jeans, you smooth your messed up hair, and you fix me with a piercing look, right in the eyes. There's a slight smile of knowing on your face, as if you just worked something out that you didn't even know was needing solved.

"Yeah, babe. Home. Home and dry" you say, and then a little coy wink as you say it.

Arm in arm, still soaked, looking bedraggled but utterly content, we leave the eaves of the trees, and take the exit path, just as the clouds break. 



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