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Training Day (part 1)

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My Master is busy with a number of new Subs that have paid to be topped by him. As he is teaching them the basics, he has sent me to Obedience Camp for the weekend, because there are some things he needs me to learn, and learn well. 

I show up at an address on the outskirts of town at 6 pm, as I was told to, wearing a pushup bra, a too small white t-shirt, a black stretchy skirt, thigh-high stockings that cling to my thighs, black heels, and no underwear. I have a bag with me that contains a dildo, a butt plug and a toothbrush. I've been assured that's all I'll need for the weekend. 

After I ring the buzzer as I hear the stroke of 6 on a nearby church tower, the door opens and I see a steep set of stairs. A disembodied voice tells me: "Come up on your hands and knees". So I do, and feel that I am already getting wet from that dark voice telling me with no doubt and absolute control what I need to do. After I climb up the stairs (dragging my little bag along in one hand) I come a black door, which has a butt plug for a handle. Funny. I try to push it in, but the door won't open. 


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I did not expect the butt plug handle. You have a good sense of humour
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