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Cuckold Fail

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*CNC trigger warning*

We met at a bar. He was strong, confident, well dressed. I told him I had a boyfriend, but that I wanted more sexually. I needed something new. I told him I like to be dominated, controlled, taken rough. Not a lie crossed my lips.

I took him home, letting him touch and kiss me. We went into the bedroom and climbed on the bed. I crawled on him, kissing him. Then master came in the room. Master asked if he wanted to fuck me in front of him. He was so excited, thinking he was gonna cuckold my master, he was so wrong.

Master unzipped his pants and told him there was a toll to pay if he wanted my pussy. “I’m not gay,” was the response. Master brushed me aside and they wrestled on the bed. Just like I knew it would, masters’s dick ends up in his mouth. Resistance at first, then eagerness. He is choking on it, loving it. Then master flips him over and puts him in an arm bar. “One more toll.” They fight more, but you can see his heart isn’t in it. He wants it. He wants to be fucked. Master takes his ass. I’m waiting like an eager kitten. Loving master’s strength and dominance.

When he has fucked him to satisfaction he tells me to crawl under. I do so willing slipping my thighs under our new toy. Take his dick into my pussy and master tells him “now you can fuck that pussy.” Each of master’s thrusts into his ass slam him into me. It goes on like this until three simultaneously cries of bliss, and cum is dripping down all over my thighs.

Wow great story. I cuckold so really hits the spot for me

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