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School Role Play


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Hi Everyone

I ran a weeked school until recently.  It was great fun, with real lessons and punishments, and school dinner etc.  Great fun, but it had run its course.

Im now thinking of a new school. More about punishments and embarrassment.  Like a detention class. A lesson or 2 too.


Senario would be say 10 students, and 4 Teachers (Mistresses/Masters)   Everyone in the Detention Student Common Room. Each pupil punished in turn for being in detention in the first place.  Then a lesson, with more punishments etc. At some point all students would be just in underwear, and maybe later naked below the waist for repeat offenders.

Obviously, this is would make the school more sexual (no sex though), so Im wondering if such a school would appeal ?  

There could be an after party, where sex would be permited.


Thanks for any comments you may have.





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