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For Watersports Fanatics:


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How did your watersports kink evolve and what made you realize that it appealed to you?

What do you love about it?

For me, I was very young (can't recall how old) when I first discovered my love for watersports.

For me, it's cerebral:

During the time when I was first discovering my body and expiring it. The first few times that I ejaculated I thought to myself "It feel just like peeing".

The more times that I ejaculated the more my brain seemed to link peeing with cumming.

Till there came the moment where seeing women urinating got me erect.

Even writing about it makes me hard.

It's not so say that I become aroused when I urinate. If that were the case then everytime I urinated it would be akin to peeing with a fishing rod.

There's zero about watersports that is off-the-menu. From drinking to wearing it to bathing in it, etc. It's about mutuality.

For me it's a primal thing. It's a "marking my territory". But not only that, it's also a bonding event. I would receive as much as I would give.

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This is really hot. Yeah I feel the same. Sometimes just going for a piss turns me on
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