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Kinks my submissive boyfriend enjoys


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I'm new to having a boyfriend that has a couple of kinks. I always feel like I use the same words over and over or similar phrases. I want to spice it up but I have no idea how. His kinks consist of: he likes to be teased, he likes me to be mean, degrade him, ***, SPH & he likes me to make him jealous. I always seem to use b*tch a lot, filthy, dirty, pet, slave, dog and I need help with other words I can use. If anyone can give me pointers I would appreciate it. Thank you. PS. He hasn't ever told me that I've ever gone to far with what I've said or done so I don't think I've ever said or done enough to cross any boundaries. Thank you.


Wretch, Slut, Little One, Puppet, Toy, Puppy, Mutt, Plaything, Pig, Little Girl, Sissy, Fuckstick

Lots to choose from.  Have Reddit?  Huge rabbit hole for that lol



I found a huge list.  If you want me to post I will


Thought I liked slut, but then I saw 2-holed slut lol.  But here you go 👍

slut, whore, cunt, bitch, dog, whore, pig, piggy, cow, cum whore,

cumslut, cum dumpster, anal slut, anal fiend, useless, idiot,

worm, fucktoy, playtoy, cumbucket, loser, ass licker,

attention whore, dick, dick rider, naughty, needy, panty sniffer,

slave, 3-holed cunt, 2-hole whore, 3-hole whore, dog in heat, 2-hole slut

bitch in heat, cum dump, cum junkie, cock craving whore/bitch/slut,

cock sucker, maid, property, pet, ***slut, hooker, pussy, pussy licker,

ass, toilet, pony boy, pony girl, my little girl/boy, llittle girl/boy,

meat, hornball, tongue fucker, footstool, fuck, fucker, fuckbunny,

fuckhole, fuckmeat, fuckmuffin, fuckpole, fuck slave, fuckstick,

mother fucker, <goat/horse/dog/pig/other ***> fucker,

hole, cum muffin, cum rag, bad girl, bad boy, dyke, cum receptacle,

easy,good girl, good boy, girl/boy, sex slave, freak, ball licker,

cunt licker, gay, freak, fag, faggot, queer, servant, dickhead,

Cum guzzling tonsil jockey, jail pussy, ass wipe, fuckhead,

no-good <w/e>, worthless piece of shit, worthless <w/e>, dumbass,

dumb bitch/whore/whatever, naughty little slut/whore/girl/whatever,

wimp, coward, crybaby, sissy, sissy-maid, cuck, cuckold, slutpuppy,

skank, dirty girl/whore/slut/bitch/whatever, cock whore, ass slut,

plug slut, rover, toilet paper, spit cup, ash tray, urinal, waste, lazy ass,

shit stain, dopey, idiot, stupid, dummy.

You could preface some of the names suggested with synonyms of pathetic, to add even more power to the name calling.

Words like, inadequate, useless, feeble, sorry, poor, miserable, petty, worthless, meagre, pitiful, trashy, measly, crummy, crappy, rubbishy, poxy, wanky.

To drill home what you call him, tell him what you think of him, and tell him to repeat it back to you.

When you name call, use different tones of voice, not always at the same volume or intensity. Deliver some where your mouth is at the end of his nose, and choose explosive names, because as you say them, he’ll involuntarily blink. Words that begin with “p” or “b” are particularly good for that. Don’t forget to snarl too, or use a whisper, right beside his ear. Or have him restrained, if that’s agreed, and walk around him, emphasising words by tapping them out on his body with a riding crop, which you could use to good effect by lifting his chin and demanding that he looks at you, as you deliver a particular tirade of words.

Be sure that this is acceptable though, as being constantly negative will affect his self esteem.
On 8/6/2023 at 7:36 PM, Deecee said:

I found a huge list.  If you want me to post I will

Yes please


Thank you so much for all the suggestions I really appreciate it!

9 hours ago, HarleyQ said:

Thank you so much for all the suggestions I really appreciate it!

You’re welcome @HarleyQ .  What @CumbriaLeathersaid was great and very thoughtful.  

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