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Hey everyone, please do not think I am assuming anything about all newcomers; I just talk from my perspective and from what I have personally observed and experienced.

I have been doing a lot of descending lately, but now that I have spoken to so many lovely folks on here, I have finally been able to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground!

Anyway,  I have been following a lot of the forum threads and oddly, I have found a lot of the conversations to be rather similar.

Some of what others have encountered, I can relate, and I have also experienced similar. This has made me wonder. Why?

What is it about being a novice that enables one to forget all those sage teachings that were once ingrained in us from a very young age and accept the opposite.

 Why are Feelings of intuition and instinct ignored, unable to recognise the red flags due to the fog that has been created by the excitement and the unfamiliar?


Perhaps some circumstances or deceptions are necessary since without them, our journey or learning will never be organic or authentic.


Always know your worth.

Always be kind.

Never except second best.

Always remember, you are fabulous. 

I’d say in my opinion. most people are unaware of the needs they are trying to get met in this world and what drives those needs. So the unconscious need comes through from and immature desperate energy that becomes
Separate from the sage teachings and intuition. The deep unconscious needs that have never been allowed out find this a wonderful breeding ground.
Its mike.most.thinfs that have been kept undercover, all of a sudden you are offered all those things youve.dreamt.about.amd desired, so rational thought gets replaced with desire and the rational part gets over ruled.
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