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Daddy’s Cipher

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A quick note so you know I’m okay

I didn’t intend to abruptly go away


A full stop was not the intention

But I find myself sitting in detention 

I’m kik’d and ticked that I cannot make mention

Of all the ways my mind has turned to licention


I know the tomes are for my eyes to see

I hope that you will imagine me

Fully enjoying with beg and plea

All the ways your words make me



I’ve made a mess I say as I shiver

Squirm and whimper and silently come

A hand in my pants and fingers on tongue


A command would be better, the way you would say

Come now baby girl daddy says it’s okay

And of course as you know I’d willingly obey 


But for now in my thoughts You’ll find me lost

Until somehow I can melt the frost



I read these words late at night And slumbered into a dream A rabbit flew by in a terrible hurry As I keyed your cypher into my Enigma Machine And out popped the answer My cock your cunt ...now scream!
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