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Training Day

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My Master is busy with a number of new Subs that have begged to be topped by him. As he is teaching them the basics, he has sent me to an Obedience Camp for the weekend.

I show up at the address that was texted to me at 6 pm, as I was told to, wearing a pushup bra, a too small white t-shirt, a skirt, thigh-high stockings, heels, and no underwear. I have a bag with me that contains a dildo, a butt plug and a toothbrush. I've been assured that's all I'll need for the weekend.

When I ring the buzzer at the stroke of 6 on a nearby church tower, the door opens and I see a steep set of stairs. A disembodied voice tells me: "Come up on your hands and knees". So I do, and feel that I am already getting wet from that dark voice telling me with no doubt and absolute control what I need to do. After I climb up the stairs (dragging my little bag along in one hand) I come a black door, which has a butt plug for a handle.

The disembodied voice can be heard again. "Suck it. Get on your knees and suck the butt plug." Weak in the knees already (which were chafed from crawling up the stairs) I complied, dropping to my knees and vigorously sucking the silicone, large, wobbly butt plug, which seemed to be attached through a hole in the door. "Good girl -- keep going, and spread your legs", the Voice commended. Getting seriously turned on, I spread my naked legs and pushed my pussy forwards as I sucked the plug in earnest, riding up and down it with my mouth. After a few minutes of this, the Voice said "Good. You can take it now. You know where it goes." At that, the butt plug suddenly was released from the door: there was a hole in the door, and it turned out these was a large green fluffy tail, from some odd stuffed animal, attached to the now very wet butt plug. "That's right: no dallying!" The voice commanded. I took the butt plug which had been moistened by my own copious saliva and carefully inserted it into my anus. It stretched my ass which was a bit painful at first, but once the widest part was past my sphincter fit nice and snug, filling my ass and making me uncomfortably horny. "That's good, you little horny slut: now you are properly dressed, and you can come in." Trembling and with an filled ass, I opened the door.

I walked in wet, with a bizarre green fluffy tail sticking out of my ass that lifted up my skirt and showed my ass to the world. I was horny as hell. The room was very large, it seemed like an entrance hall to a warehouse, with high ceilings and simple whitewashed walls. In the middle of the room was a single chair, perched on a small stage, with armrests, looking more like a throne than a chair. Sitting on the chair was the hottest man I had ever seen. He had leather pants on, shiny, black leather boots and a black shirt, with rolled-up sleeves and a few open buttons from which luscious chest hair could be seen to curl out. He had black hair and an olive skin, large, cold, dark-brown eyes, and a full, sensuous mouth that he held in a contemptible sneer. His pants showed an enormous bulge, and he sat spread-legged, clearly not concerned with showing his giant tent of an erection.

"Come closer, you silly slut", he said in that voice which I already loved. "Turn around. Bend over. Further, down, show me your ass. Now spread your pussy for me."

I bend over and show him my moist shaved pussy and the ass with the silly green tail sticking out. "spread your pussy wider", he asks with a bored sound to his voice. "Now start rubbing your clit". I reach between my legs and start rubbing the clit wedged between them as best I can. I am starting to feel hot, the butt plug pushing into my ass as I rhythmically rub my pussy. I can't help but moan. "Shut the fuck up, you horny little slut!" The Master commands. "Ok, stop rubbing your greedy clit, I've seen enough. Grab your ankles." With some difficulty, because I was almost ready to come, I remove my hands from my pussy and grab my ankles, my ass still sticking out, with the ridiculous fluffy tail jutting out of it. "Now turn around, but keep grabbing your ankles!" I shuffle around and lift up my head to see that he has taken his huge, erect cock out of his pants. He is sitting wide-legged, still looking bored, his enormous erection standing straight up between bis legs. "Come here and you'll get a treat, you little deviant" he whispers. I take small steps, my hands still around my legs, and clamber up the podium, where I find myself exactly at eye height with his cock. "Alright little one, you can suck me off now, you've been entertaining enough," the Master hisses. Greedily I put my mouth on his cock, which fills my mouth completely, and start sliding it up and down.. I lick the tip and cradle the shaft with my lips, as he starts to pump his cock into my mouth. "There's a good girl. What do you say, little slut?" He whispers. "Thank you so much!" I breathe when he lets me come up for air.

"What the fuck did you just say?" he slaps me across the face. "What did you call me?" "I called you nothing, Sir!" I pant out. "That's right, you spoiled little brat -- and what should you call me?" I suddenly remember something that was mentioned in the Training Day leaflet: always address your Master as Master or Sir, or punishment will be immediate. "Thank you, Sir!" I cry out. "That's better, you little horny cum-slut. Because you made a mistake, no orgasm for you today. And if you feel horny or anxious, just think about what you've done. What do you say to that?" Without hesitation this time, I pant "Yes Sir, thank you Sir, you are very wise and kind, Sir!"

"That's right, I am indeed..." says the Master and as I start sucking his cock more rapidly, he pumps it into my mouth and at long last comes very extensively, pumping long gobs of sperm into my mouth. He retreats, pats me on the head, and tells me to get up and join the others, by the wall...

As I get up, my mouth full of cum and my ass still stretched by the butt plug, my clit swollen and my pussy horny and aching, I see a row of six female and four male slaves who have been watching the proceedings lined up to the side. They all look uncomfortably horny, and seem to be trying to constrain themselves: but two guards with bullwhips are standing nearby so it seems they can't try anything.

It's going to be a long weekend...
Does he teach doms?
This sounds like so much fun
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