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It was all a dream…


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Funny… had dream.
I tied your hands and feet to a bed, put a vibrating dildo in your ass, stood over you in my tall boots and let you watch me play with all my holes, begging me to let you taste or touch. As I got wetter and began dripping over your body, I would use different parts of you to help me. I rubbed my clit on your toes, and slipped your big toe inside me. I looked you in the eye as I rode your toe until I squirted all over your feet, then took my time licking it all off. I let my juices drip and slipped up your legs, licking and biting them on my way up…stopping at your knees. I kissed your inner thighs and tickled your knees… what SWEET TORTURE OF YOU THIS WAS! You squirmed and moaned and begged me to not stop.
Then I put my clit againts your knee and used it to make myself cum again. So badly I wanted to loosen one of your hands to feel you touch me… but not yet.
Your dick is RAGING HARD … your balls taut and ready to release.
I tease your head with my tongue and lips, slurping up your pre-Cum, rubbing it across my lips as another gush of my juices covers your knees and thighs. Mmmmm… my Baby! You just taste ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! And you cock slides so easily down my throat… you were made for ME.
I kiss you up your stomach, almost trembling from the excitement of getting to feel you inside me … but holding myself back from my own satisfaction.
My lips find your nipples hard and standing tall. I lick and rub them playfully, smiling and kissing them as your eyes roll back in sheer pleasure. Hearing your moans keeps me wanting more of you.
I climb up on your chest and I rest my clit on your stiff nipples. I just have to see if I can cum from this. I grind on your chest as I push two of my fingers inside me and coat them until it drips down my wrist. I pull them out and place them in your mouth. You HUNGRILY suck the juices like an elixir of life.
I feel myself cumming again. You just make me so damn horny baby! I grind and grind until I’m EXPLODING all over your chest. You feel the warm fluid running down your chest and neck. You’re fascinated by how much I cum and still have more.

I whisper to you, still breathless…
“ Stick your tongue out for me, baby. I want to sit.”
A million mile smile crosses your face and you eagerly open your mouth and present your tongue to me. Kissing your face lightly at first, I make my way to your mouth, taking in your tongue. As I suck it I drool into your mouth and you gulp my spit. You are my nasty little baby and I love it!
“ You ready?” I ask
“Yes!” You reply
“ Yes who?”

“ Yes, my Beautiful!”

I stand above your head… and I slowly lower my sopping juicy pussy on your tongue. You groan in delight and the sound ripples through your lips and into me. The feeling almost makes my knees weaken. You then proceed to lick and suck and bite and drink and eat me SOOOOOO DAAAMN GOOOOD that I can’t help but scream!
You beg me to loosen your hands.
I do it with no hesitation.
What a BIG mistake!
When I do, without moving your mouth, you flip my body forwards, my thighs pushed back, pussy and ass fully exposed. (Those wrestling skills are your advantage). You pin me … and you bury your whole face into it all.
You have me at your mercy now… and you have no plans for giving me any of it any time soon!

I am screaming… and squirming…and cumming… and squirting… and trying to run… and you grab my thighs and pull me back and hold me there… and I don’t know the safe word because there isn’t one!

I feel my juices dripping from your chin onto my asshole… then your tongue licking and sucking it back up. You slip your tongue and fingers in and out of my holes and I am just paralyzed in pleasure.

“ May I please fuck you, my Beautiful ?” You ask , as if I could refuse you now.

I can only nod… words are not available in the moment.

I untie your legs. You get on your knees and lean forward to kiss me. I can taste and smell my body on your lips still… delicious and aromatic.

You take one last moment to run your tongue on and suck my swollen clit.

You place your cock against my waiting pussy. You make me wait…You are so hard! You can hardly contain yourself. I can feel it bouncing on my lips like it’s knocking on my doors, waiting to cum inside.

Then… slowly… you slip in.

We both gasp!

“ Oh…my… God!” We say together.

You push in more…
my back arches…

you push a little more…
my toes curl…

you push in some more…
now MY eyes roll back.

Now you are fully inside me…
Your cock fills me so well I can hardly breathe.

You grab my face and kiss me … deeply… slowly.
We don’t want to move.

Absolutely paradise you kinky soul
That was,.... Mind-blowing, I owe you LOTS of cum. When I return to the road on Tuesday that's the one that's gonna get me off
11 hours ago, submaleflr said:

Put your tongue back in your mouth… I’m not ready to sit yet

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