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Favorite spot where you feel at peace

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A few years ago I was gifted a Star under the Southern Cross, which was very fitting as I study Astrology.  I now think of it as my little piece of heaven, a place where I don't need crutches to walk and my joints are free from arthritis.  I imagine myself listening to my favorite songs, skipping and dancing through fields of flowers with not a care in the world. When I finally stop and look up, all I can see is rainbows and  stars, forever breathtaking in my minds eye. ......silly I know but somehow it always makes me smile and makes me feel a sense of peace.   


my only piece of peace is in a woods with nothing but bird song,


Something I only tried once..

In my previous home I had a very small room ..not big enough even for a single bed..small widow that was blacked out but could be opened..

Even during the day ..it was pitch black until ones eyes got accustomed to the light filtering through the sides of the window blackout.!

I just sat there in a old inherited rocking chair...closed my eyes ..headphones on and listened to the sound of waves rolling in and breaking over the rocks..nothing else but that..

it was so easy to imagine where I could be..Why I did not retreat to that room more often..I wish I knew..!

It was most probably the second most " at peace  " experience I have ever had..apart from the special lake I mentioned before..!

I do have a cellar , which I am now going to convert into my third haven , the first being my Garden..second my bathroom...lots of candles..aromatherapy oils...I even have a space next to my bath where my adorable dog..A King Charles cavalier .sleeps when I am having a long soak..!


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When I'm out west in one of the national parks that have mountain scenery.  I feel more alive there than anywhere.


For me has to be through my camera lens. One second of time captured for a lifetime of memories. So you can say, where I once stood was my favourite spot, as it created my moment of peace, makes sense to me 😋


For me, it has always been the top of a hill or mountain.  The whole world seems spread-out before me.  It might be in a city, or out in the wilderness.  I could get lost for hours, in all of the intricate details.  Damn!  Why didn't I bring my camera?

As an alternate, I like deep glens with lots of tall trees.  A clear babbling brook slowly cascades along the middle.  Sounds echo mysteriously off the many trees and steep canyon walls.  It's almost like a cathedral.


I have a few. I go running often, partly to keep in shape but also because I think it helps clear my mind. It's hard to stay worked up or stuck on something when I run. If I feel particularly like something is getting to me there's a chalk quarry with a lake in the middle a few miles from me. It's beautiful and abandoned save the odd person walking their dog. I'll run there then take a break to just wander or just stand and have a look for a while and let my mind wander. Being somewhere so calm helps you to realise that whatever is troubling you really doesn't matter as you'll overcome it, so your thoughts drift to more random and healthy things.

Sometimes I'll just go up to London and have a walk along the South Bank. Often I'll end up distracted by something or will stop in a pub or bar and end up talking to someone (London is actually full of amazing people if you avoid the rush hour lunatics). I probably don't do this so much for clarity or calm but it again just makes me feel like myself again.

Failing all that, I'll pick up the guitar or get on the piano and play/sing. Sometimes I'll write a song. It channels the bad energy into something productive and fun, and occasionally meaningful and nice sounding (sometimes into something not so nice sounding that gets deleted when I listen back to it the next day).

I think whatever the circumstances I'd always find places to go or things to escape to. It's just a natural thing to do.


First thing in the morning sitting outside the tent coffee in hand and enjoying whatever view is in front of you with only the bird song and *** sounds for company.  


Sitting on the rocks on a local coastal path watching the sea letting my mind go blank, then letting my mind soar on the wind and imagining being the only person in the world. 

Or sitting in some old piece of woodland away from all the hustle and bustle of the world counting how many creatures I can hear.

Or like others a good book, Brandon Sanderson is one of my current favourite writers to read, so many alternative worlds to get lost in.

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