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He watches as the first flush of redness slowly blossoms on her skin. The little lopsided grin she likes so much clear on his face as he brings his right arm back again and down strongly on the other side.

Her sharp intake of breath makes his eyes close for a split second, it's a sound he loves to hear, a sound he loves to cause, a sound that makes his heart race.

He pauses then, moves along the bed. He reaches out and strokes her face. Her eyes are closed but she smiles at his soft touch, he gives her pain and comfort, the perfect blend.

There are no words spoken, no need for words, they know one another so well. He trails his finger tips up over her shoulder, and down her back, nails digging just a little as she arches up to meet his touch.
Then another resounding slap fills the air as his hand comes down once more. Several impacts then in quick succession, her risen cheeks now red, hot. She wriggles a little, side to side, her breath coming in short gasps as she processes the sensations filling her body, calming her mind.

More follow, grouped in twos and threes, with pauses between each set, some long, some hardly there at all. He gently strokes her cheeks, feels the heat he has made. His hand slowly edges lower until he feels the wetness on his finger tips. She let's out a soft moan and her body relaxes, eager for his touch. But it is fleeting, a tease. She will feel that touch, and so much more, but not yet.

In the silence that follows she knows he is looking at her, knows that his pale blue eyes are devouring every inch of her naked body. It makes her squirm just a little, uncomfortable to be under such scrutiny. But she also knows that he loves every curve of her body, every slight imperfection that makes her unique. It is her gift to him, she is his, completely.

Her eyes are still closed but she senses a change in the air, just before she hears the metallic sound of the unbuckling of his belt.

She can picture it, his long thick black leather belt, slipping through the loops. The leather creaking as he takes a firm grip. It's something they have discussed, but something she's never experienced.

He detects a slight tensing of her body. He moves along the bed once more, and pushes her hair away from her face. After a second her eyes open and look deeply into his. Again no words are needed, her soft smile is all. He leans lower to gently kiss her lips. Her eyes close once more.
His grip on the leather secure, he calms himself, takes a deep breath and brings his arm back.


Hours later her eyes open. It's dark outside but he's left a lamp on the far side of the room. She looks across at him, sleeping deeply, even then there's a slight grin on his face.

She pushes back the covers and walks to the bathroom silently. The bright light comes on automatically as she walks in, she tries to ignore the naked vision she sees in the full length mirror, he loves that view, and that's what matters.

She reaches back and brushes one hand across her cheeks, they are still emitting heat, and she can feel the risen wields caused by his belt. She turns and see the marks he has given her, the gifts he had bestowed upon her. She gasps out loud, and smiles. They are beautiful.

She pads softly back to the bed, and slips beneath the covers. She reaches out with one hand and rests it on his chest, her fingers gently twisting the hairs.

The smile still in place she closes her eyes and drifts back to sleep. Contented.
Oh how I adored this, bravo * throws rose's 🌹🌹🌹🌹.
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