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Suspension Play And More... Story - A Response To 'What Would You Do To Me'


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I tell you to strip, leaving nothing but your high-heeled shoes on your feet. I then tie your arms in a reverse prayer, fit you with a tunnel gag with a plug in place, and a leg spreader. I delight in kneading your breasts with my hands while calling you a slut, a slut who will do what I tell you. I cup your pussy with one hand before slapping it several times. I then knead it with my hand to delight in the softness of the skin. I slip a finger inside and agitate your clitoris for a couple of minutes, watching you shudder as I do.

I then order you to sit on the floor while I attach your leg spreader bar to a chain that goes up and over a pulley system on the ceiling. When secured, I pull on the chain and raise you up until you are hanging upside down with your head about half a metre from the ground. Your pussy is at about head height and I would use a wand on it to give it supreme stimulation for several minutes until you shudder in your first climax. I tell you that I am going to make myself a cocktail, and although it will have no alcohol, it may well blow both our minds.

With your pussy nice and wet and ready to receive whatever I have for it, I place a funnel into it and admire the view before I get a jug of fruit juice and pour that in slowly, filling you up, and asking, "Is this what you like, slut?" Of course you can't answer beyond a grunting sound which could be yes or no. I remove the funnel, licking the end, so that you can see me, to savour the fruit and pussy juices on it. Delicious. I use the wand again for a couple of minutes as cocktails should be shaken, and this will be the best way to shake this cocktail

I get a small table and place it under you. On the table is a dog bowl with tiny penis-shaped biscuits. "We'll get to these soon," I say.

I tell you that for any cocktail to be complete, there should be a little decoration, so I place a small cocktail umbrella into your pussy and a slice of lemon over one of your pussy lips. This is looking great, but I haven't finished. "Just one more finishing touch, slut," I say, and get a bent straw, the longer end of which I slide deep into your pussy. "How does that feel, slut?" I ask, and get a muffled grunt again from behind the tunnel gag.

I remove the plug from your gag and release my penis from my trousers. I slip my penis into the gag and your mouth, and gently slide it back and forth while drinking my delicious cocktail of fruit and pussy juice through the straw in your pussy. I make sounds that clearly demonstrate my pleasure and savour the drink for several minutes rather than taking it all down quickly. "Delicious," I say.

Eventually I have drunk the full contents of your pussy; fruit and pussy juice combined; and I concentrate more on pleasuring my penis and your mouth. I take it slowly at first before working up to a faster speed. You hear my breathing become heavier and ready yourself for a mouthful of my semen, but before I actually cum, I slip my penis out of the gag and jet my cum onto the biscuits in the dog bowl under you instead. When I have deposited all of my semen into the bowl, I replace my penis into your gag and mouth so that you can clean it thoroughly for me. You do so without having to be told. "Good girl," is my response, "I will have to let you drink the full amount another time." I remove my penis again and replace the plug.

I move the table and dog bowl out of the way and take the lemon slice from your pussy lip, biting the fruit to enjoy its bitter taste combined with your juices. I remove the straw and cocktail umbrella, and taste what is left of the flavours in your pussy, pushing my tongue in as deeply as I can and stimulating your clitoris too. "A very agreeable cocktail glass," I say, before returning the wand once again to make you fully climax again. Muffled sounds of appreciation (at least that's what I think they are) come from behind the gag again.

When you seem to have finished your climax, I lower you down to the floor again, remove the chain from your leg spreader bar and then the bar, itself, from your legs. You are now left with the tunnel gag and your arms tied in a reverse prayer. I fit you with a collar and attach a lead so that I can get you to walk on your knees to another part of the room, where I order you to sit.

There is a rubber mat on the floor in front of you. I retrieve the dog bowl of penis-shaped biscuits and my semen and put it on the mat. You look up at me as if to ask whether I expect you to eat them but I tell you, "Not yet, my little slut. I have something else for you." I get a glass and proceed to urinate in it. My urine more than half fills the glass. I pick up the straw that I used in your pussy cocktail and put it into the glass, which I then place next to the dog bowl.

"Now, my slut, it's time for your dinner," I say, and remove the tunnel gag from you, but leaving your hands tied in a reverse prayer. "No, you can't use your hands, so you'll have to eat like a dog from the dog bowl. I'm sure those penis biscuits soaked with my semen will give you all the nutrients you need for this meal. There is a nice glass of my urine for you to drink to wash them down your throat. Bon apetit!"

You surprisingly don't seem unsure, and bend forwards to eat the biscuits from the bowl, getting your lips and face covered in my semen in the process. As the biscuits are otherwise quite dry, every so often you take a drink of my urine through the straw. "Good girl," I say as you tuck into your food and drink, "Dont leave any or you'll get less next time," I tell you. It takes a few minutes. as it isn't easy to eat like a dog, but eventually you are left slurping up the last of my urine and licking the bowl clean of crumbs and my semen. When you feel there is nothing more to eat or drink, you sit up and use your tongue to lick as much semen off you face as you can. I use a spoon to collect the bits that your tongue will not reach and feed them to you. "Good girl," I say again.

I untie your arms and give you time to get the proper use of them again. Yet again I say, "Good girl," because you HAVE been, as I hug you and ensure that my after care brings you suitably back to where you should be.

I vow to do this again sometime. Perhaps there may be some little twists just to ensure it is not completely the same experience all over again. You seem very happy with that.

18 hours ago, Patticake said:

So hot!

Thank you

18 hours ago, Patticake said:

More please!

I'll have a go but can't promise anything in the short term. Thanks for your interest.

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