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You belong to me now


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The entrance to the room is brightly lit. The rest of the room is dark. The door closes behind him with a click. A voice comes from the darkness, "Take off your clothes. Place them neatly on the table."

The voice feels like warm honey trickling through his nerves. He starts to undress. His long fingers working carefully on each button of his shirt. He folds it neatly and places it on the table. He pauses. What is going on? He hasn't even seen her and he is half naked.

She is watching from the darkness. She enjoys his confusion for a moment, "It's OK, keep going. I will take care of you."

Without thinking he resumes, until everything is folded and piled up.

She steps into the light. Was she standing right there all this time? She is pretty. She is smiling.

"Turn around for me".

He turns slowly. She takes it all in, curved and flat, bones, muscle, fat, hair.

She leads him into the room. It doesn't seem as dark now.

"Are you going to tie me up?" he asks nervously.

"Why would I do that?".

"To stop me escaping".

"All those knots, all that work just to pretend I own you? No. One day I might tie you up just to make you look nice. Like a gift under the tree", she says, smiling even more.

"Do you have a dog?"

He nods.

"You don't tie him up to stop him escaping, do you? There's no need. He depends on you utterly. He cannot imagine being without you. He lives for your attention, your approval. Maybe you've never thought about it but you will understand soon."

She moves behind him. He hears a drawer slide open. A few seconds later, she is at his ear. "We're going to get to know each other", she whispers, "Turn and face the wall."

He turns. Her hand reaches around. One wet finger slides over his nipple. It glistens in the room's light sliding and slipping across and around. He starts to feel the blood go to his cock.

Her hand slowly moves down his body. She drags her nails as she goes, down to his thigh, then slowly, gently from the bottom of his sack to the top of his half-hard cock. He lets out a long sigh. He didn't even know he was holding his breath.

"Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs." He does as he is told.

She pulls back his foreskin and slips a ring around the head of his cock, clipping it shut. The inside of the ring is lined with teeth. They fit snugly under the ridge of his glans, ensuring that this collar will not slip off.

"What is that?".

"Just a little toy", she says, smiling.

"Shouldn't I give you a safe-word or something?", he asks.

"You don't need a safe-word, you can just ask me to stop if you want me to stop."

He hears her step away and come back. Once again she reaches around from behind. This time she has a feather in her hand. She begins to work up and down his cock and balls, long, slow strokes.

"Do you find me attractive?". He nods. "Think about what you would like to do to me, what you would make me do for you if you had the power". She moves the feather to his shoulders and playfully works her way down.

Imagining her mouth, her pussy, her ass serving him has made his cock hard. The teeth of the ring are starting to bite ever so gently.

He feels the feather leave his back and without warning, it gently tickles his asshole. He cannot help but clench and as he does so, his cock throbs, standing higher, swelling slightly. The teeth bite. He lets out a yelp.

Her hand comes to his mouth. Her fingers slip inside. She pulls his head back gently and leans in, breathing hotly against his ear. She starts to nibble and bite it. Then works her way down to his exposed neck, kissing and sucking, sending tingles down his body.

He tries to control himself. Each little wave of pleasure is seeking out his cock. Sometimes he keeps calm. Sometimes it reaches its target and yet another pulse of blood and pressure makes those teeth bite in.

He's sucking her fingers. He doesn't remember when he started. He has never felt so out of control.

He feels a lubed finger sneak inside his asshole. His cock swells, pressing against the teeth like never before. He lets out a long, confused scream.

"Do you want me to stop?", she whispers.

He struggles to answer. He manages to mumble a "no" through her fingers, his voice cracking as he does.

The lubed finger works it way higher. Every twitch brings a wave of pleasure and a bite of pain. He is moaning uncontrollably a mix of animalistic noises and barely recognizable words, "fuck", "jesus", "please".

A part of him is begging for this to stop but he can never quite bring himself to say it. He looks down at his cock. A string of juice is hanging from the head swaying back and forth.

She leans close to his ear and whispers, "I am in your ass, your mouth, your mind, your ears, your neck, your skin. There is no rope that could bind you tighter. There is no word that could make you safer. You belong to me now."

He closes his eyes and let's the waves wash over him. Bulding and building, his cries getting louder and louder. All of his will, all of his power slowly draining away until nothing is left except pleasure and pain and the knowledge that he is his hers now and he cannot imagine it being any other way.  


If those roles were reversed I could only dream of this happening.
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4 hours ago, Angelbaby865 said:

If those roles were reversed I could only dream of this happening.

I am always curious about how things work. What device can top every pulse of your pleasure with a splash of pain? I would love to find out.


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For those who are curious about the ring. Here's the one I made. It's just the right size and just the right nastiness!


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This is very sexi. Thank you for the images you created.
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