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The Punishment of a Disobedient Slave

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Tags: slave training, submissive, impact play, anal, oral, atm, ***.

Just wanted to it out there.



She was growing accustomed to her new, kinky lifestyle, where she served as a sexual slave under the command of a Dom she had met online. They connected via a dating app specifically designed for those into such fetishes, and she knew her page was indicative of her deepest desires. As she added tags and described her predilections, her mind raced with fantasies. When she selected the "Slave" option, she felt as though a door opened to a realm of possibilities, a chance to show the world her deepest, dirtiest secrets. Anyone who viewed her profile would see her as an object to be owned and trained.
It's been a month since she moved in with a man she had met on that website. Since then, several things have occurred, the most notable of which was her being given a list of rules to follow when she was around him, as well as when she was alone in the house. Wondering how he could know that she was following his instructions, she was overwhelmed when he showed her all the cameras he had installed throughout the house—including the bathroom. He informed her that these cameras were connected to the internet, allowing him to access them remotely. To make matters worse, he was planning on installing speakers around the house, to deliver commands to her without relying on her reading his messages.
The first two weeks of her new life felt strange; although she was incredibly aroused knowing that she was being constantly watched, the situation was entirely novel to her. On the fourth day, she received a text from her master informing her that her morning deep-throating drills would need to be repeated. As part of her effort to become the perfect sex slave, she had to train her throat; since her master could not be there to practice with her every day, he had her perform this exercise with a plastic phallus.
Another rule that was particularly difficult to adhere to was not being allowed to orgasm. "Your body, your pussy, and your orgasm belong to me. As my slave, you're to be used solely for my pleasure, and you will only be allowed to cum when I give you permission," her master had stated sternly. She had been punished for breaking this rule before, and it was exceedingly easy to forget in the heat of the moment, particularly when she was being intensely and passionately ravished in the ass by her master's cock and her pussy was being simultaneously assaulted with a high-intensity setting on a vibrating wand. Even the mere memory of that experience was enough to make her pussy wet, as was the spanking that had followed; although her behind was left marked with bruises, she relished the ***ful reminder of what had been a pleasurable encounter. Even as she winced in discomfort when sitting down, the moisture accumulating in her panties was a testament to how aroused the memory of that bondage session made her.
Today was the fifth day since she had last achieved orgasm, and her sensation of horniness was heightened even further than usual - probably a consequence of her master cumming all over her face before he left for work. He'd also instructed her to leave the semen on her body, and had assured her that he would monitor her behaviour through the cameras. As she went about her day, which comprised of house duties as well as deepthroating and anal training, she could still feel the wonderfully sticky remnants of her master's cum drying off on her skin, and some of it had even slipped down into her mouth. The desire to be properly fucked by him was growing stronger with every passing second, as her fingertips inevitability located her needy clit, and each touch proving incredibly difficult to resist.
She decided to take a risk today; emboldened by her insatiable desire, her curiosity overruled her caution as she sneakily noticed that there were no cameras inside their walk-in closet - there was no door and a few cameras were pointed towards the entrance, but she was sure that they had no vision of the inside. Even then, she wanted to be quick and with how intensely aroused and desperate for relief she was, she was sure it wouldn't take long for her to push herself over the edge. As she walked into the closet, she pushed herself into one of its dark corners and started pleasuring herself - her fingers swiftly found her heated folds, one hand expertly rubbing her aching clit, the other pushing its fingers deep inside her tight, slick hole. Wet slaps and whimpers quickly filled the small room, her fingers becoming slick with her arousal as some of her love juices dripped down her inner thighs. The pleasure was so overwhelming that she could barely stand - still, she pushed onwards, her hands searching for the pleasure she had been denied for nearly 5 days. Eyes closed, she imagined herself bending over a kitchen counter, her strong, authoritative lover slapping his heavy balls against her slickness as his thick cock mercilessly and rhythmically.
She felt every wave of pleasure flow through her body, radiating from her warm core to her fingers and toes and back up to the epicentre between her legs. She gasped as her insides trembled and her toes curled as her orgasm surged through her veins. Her body was alive with sensations from her toes to her head and the pleasure was almost too much to take. She cried out as the pleasure built until it was too much. She could feel herself coming undone as the waves of pleasure rolled through her body, all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes. She threw her head back and savoured the joy of the moment before the last of it slowly faded away.
As she experienced the divine pleasure of her orgasm, an air of guilt and nervousness began to build within her as she anticipated her master's return home. She determined to leave no stone unturned and put extra effort into cleaning the house, ensuring not a single dust particle remained. When the moment of his arrival was drawing close, she undressed and assumed the position in front of the entrance door. This too was one of the many rules she had been ordained to follow. She knelt upon the floor, her legs spread wide, her posterior resting on the soles of her feet, and her arms held behind her back. When the door opened and her master entered his residence, she kept her eyes trained upon the ground; all she heard was the rustling of his jacket being laid aside. As he appeared in front of her, she obediently bent forward and undid his shoes. Returning to her designated pose, she waited in utmost anticipation for her master's next command.
"How was your day, slave?", She felt a sense of relief wash over her; his voice held no traces of anger or annoyance. A wave of joy bubbled up within her, filling her with an inner warmth. 'He doesn't know, of course he doesn't know,' she thought to herself.
"Good sir, I have made the house super clean for you, sir", with the weight lifted off her shoulders she could proudly tell him about her efforts.
"Come with me", He walked past her without giving her a second glance, confident that she would follow. As he turned the corner, she fell in line obediently, creeping behind him on all fours, remembering her training. The closer they got to their playroom, the more aroused she grew. This room was created precisely for sexual activities, and the decor gave it away. Deep red and black walls gave it a seductive feel, and BDSM instruments of varying shapes and sizes were organized neatly along the walls. A wooden cross was mounted on one of the walls, an intimidating dog cage stood in a corner, and glances around revealed more than a few other kinky objects.
"Bend over the vaulting horse, arms hanging down the length of the frontal legs", Her master's voice was strong, yet strangely soothing, commanding her attention in a way that made her shiver in anticipation. 
Still naked, she did as instructed, the leather fabric pressing against her stomach as her legs were spread in a *** position, displaying both her ass and pussy. She was fully aware that this posture was as great for getting spanked as it was for getting fucked and the uncertainty of what was awaiting her made her wet with anticipation.
Lost in envisioning the different possibilities, she didn't even notice when her master appeared by her side. She was abruptly snapped back to reality as her wrists were tightly bound to the legs of the horse. The same was soon done to her legs, leaving her able to only move her fingers, toes, and head, although limitedly. The temperature of the room was ideal for being completely naked, however, the anticipation was enough to make her skin prickle with goosebumps. She heard her master walk to the wall behind her, and she knew that he was reaching for the whips and paddles that hung there.
She wasn't sure which one he'd pick until the first strike that came out of nowhere. What hit her naked ass was definitely the whip of cat o' nine tails variety.
"Aaargh", She was taken aback by the sudden intense sensation that shot through her body as the whip of cat o' nine tails connected with her naked flesh. She wanted to bend her knees in response, to protect her bottom from the sudden assault, but the ropes restrained her limbs, keeping her in place and unable to move. Sensations of vulnerability and anticipation shivered through her, as she braced herself for the pleasure and *** that were inevitably coming.
Her skin was alight with every strike of the whip, feeling every complimentary slash and stroke that it bestowed upon her flesh. Each one was met with a shiver that ran through her body, lighting up her entire being with a sensual pleasure that she had never felt before. Her *** and pleasure entwined, as her body took in each lash and the caress of the whip as it struck her curves, alerting every nerve ending and sending a wave of exquisite delight through her body.
He watched with satisfaction, dark delight curling through his veins, as the leather tails of the whip left deep, vivid red marks curving along her exposed skin. Her defenceless pose, showing her complete surrender to his will and pleasure, had his arousal hardening and straining impatiently against his pants. Yet the time to use his cock was still to come; for now, he raised his hand again and continued the whipping, the precise movements allowing him to *** her soft, delicate flesh with even, burning trails of *** across both of her quivering butt cheeks at once.
"Augh!", She could feel the searing heat radiating across her skin with every lash of the whip; she didn't need to look at herself to know that wherever the whip touched her body, it left a reddening trail that turned her on even more. Every stroke elicited a yelp of surprise followed by a moan of pleasure. Despite her conscious mind fighting against it, her body became effortlessly aroused, her pussy craving for more of the tantalizing sensation that only the whip could provide. There was an undeniable power in that moment, and no matter how hard she tried to resist the wicked pleasure it provided, there was no stopping it.
"Uuuuuugh!", As the next two swings landed squarely on her cunt, a sensation of pleasure and *** rippled through her body. Her breath hitched in her throat as it was taken away from her in an instant. She couldn't contain her groan as each strike resonated deep within her.
The assault had ended almost as abruptly as it had commenced, but she knew it was not the end - merely a pause in the action. Her master walked in front of her and placed a laptop on the floor in front of her, angling it so that even in her precarious position she could quite clearly see the screen. Without a word, he pressed the space bar and a video began to play - immediately she recognized it as a recording from one of the cameras in the bedroom, the one pointed at the entrance to the walk-in closet. Barely seconds into the video she saw herself walking into the frame - the memory of her powerful climax flooding her mind. She vividly remembered how she had pleasured herself to the point of orgasm, rubbing her sensitive, ultra-receptive pussy, sending her toppling over the edge into the waves of pleasure that characterised her climax. But she also recollected those moments she had spotted something - a shadow, cast by one of the lights inside the closet. Its shape was distorted, but it was undeniably her silhouette, and it was also evident that the figure's arms and legs were shaking
"You were so focused on reaching an orgasm, on breaking one of the rules that you ignored your surroundings", She could hear disappointment – not anger – in his voice, and it made her feel even worse than if he was livid. "Is that how a good slut ought to behave?" He asked, his hands quickly unbuckling his pants as his gaze held hers. His voice held a harsh edge that made her body quiver.
"No, sir. I'm really sorry, sir", Her response was immediate: her breath hitched in her throat and her heart raced as she watched him slide his pants and boxers down, revealing his thick, tantalizing cock that she loved and desired deeply. 
"We'll see how sorry you are. Open wide", Without hesitation, he pushed his full length down the back of her throat, eliciting a pinched gasp of air from her. Her throat desperately fought against him, unprepared for the sudden invasion, fresh tears forming in the corners of her eyes. He kept his hands firmly on the back of her head, ensuring that she could not escape even an inch while the heat of her mouth enveloped his member. He savoured the sensation of the wetness and warmth as her mouth gurgled around him and the feeling of her desperate struggle. Even her tongue worked furiously against him, providing further stimulation as he maintained his powerful grip.
He finally released her, and as she gasped for a breath, a stream of saliva and vomit escaped her lips. His face contorted into a look of perverse pleasure as he spat on her face, and leisurely spread the warm liquid over her cheeks, nose, and forehead with his calloused hands, exclaiming his satisfaction with each caress. With her eyes closed and her face feeling the warmth of his touch, the sensation was simultaneously terrifying and tantalizing as she felt the stickiness slowly sliding down her skin.
"This is how sluts that break rules are treated", She was fighting to draw breath into her lungs, her chest heaving in desperate aspiration, while his hands roamed her face.
His intense assault continued, as he drove his hard cock deep into her mouth again and again, pushing it in as far as it could go until she was gagging and struggling for breath. His hands moved across her face, pushing her head against his hardness as her eyes filled with tears, her delicate features smudged with a variety of fluids. After 10 minutes of this passionate assault, he stepped back, pleased with the smoky ruin of her makeup and reddened eyes.
Two slaps were directed at her cheeks.
"You disappointed me slut".
It was time for him to turn his attention to another area of her body; without stopping to clean himself of her saliva, he repositioned himself behind her eagerly awaiting openings. Her cunt lips were enlarged with arousal, her juices nearly dripping from her entrance. He placed one hand on her slit, delighting in the sensation of heat emanating from her and the feeling of possessing her body. He then lowered his hand and delivered five sharp smacks to her vulva. The intensity of the contact made her moan with pleasure, fuelling his desire even further. He moved his fingers in circles around her clit, exploring and caressing her as she trembled beneath his touch.
"Mmmmm", he could see her toes curling.
He grabbed his cock tightly with his right hand and aimed it at her tight ass hole. His manhood was unyielding, determined to gain entry without the assistance of lube as her saliva covering his cock had to be enough. She struggled to relax as he pushed her hole open, its tightness refusing to yield in one swift push. Yet, his fleshy spear inched closer, sliding past the opening until his cock's head lodged itself inside.
"Uuurgh... Argh! Tight! Sir, so big!", She tried to protest, but his fervour was not to be denied; with a slight whimper, his cock pushed steadily onwards, entering her and causing her to gasp at the tightness. She was barely lubricated, but that did not deter him, as his sure hands moved to grip her waist and lend him further power as he pressed into her inch by inch. Finally, he felt the walls around his base expand to encompass him wholly, and a pleased sigh exhaled from him. Despite her groaning and squirming, he was pleased at just how well she had taken his entire length. The warmth of her tight embrace around the base of his cock was incomparable to anything else he had ever experienced. Still fully lodged inside her, he took two strong swings with his arm, causing her to moan uncontrollably as her narrow anus clung to him, tightening around him with every move.
"Do you like my cock up your ass?", He asked her, his voice low and laced with desire as he remained immobile inside her, filling her completely.
"...Yes, sir", Her eager response was strained, her ass muscles protesting the unwanted intruder that was lodged deep within her, pushing beyond her threshold and stretching her to accommodate its girthy size. He felt hard and large and her body yearned to welcome him, yet her inner core fought against it, pushing against this foreign presence.
"I'm going to start moving, I'm going to start fucking your ass, and I won't be gentle. Do you understand?"
"Yes, sir", she gulped before giving him the answer.
"First I want you to beg me for it; beg me to *** your tight ass".
"Sir, please fuck my ass", she responded loudly, saying aloud the degrading words.
SLAP - his hand left a red print on her right butt cheek.
"You can do better".
"...Sir, please *** my tight ass hole. Please, use your big cock to mercilessly ravage my *** backdoor - fuck it as you hate it; like you hate me. Be rough and thrust so hard I'm crying from the assault." 
His cock stirred at the sound of her demeaning words, a pleasure so deep-rooted it was almost instinctual. He knew her *** had come from a place of truth. Grasping her hips firmly in his hands, he began to thrust defiling her asshole. With every inward motion, she groaned, her tight ring of flesh struggling to accommodate him. His testicles swung in harmony with her agonizing bliss, slapping her aroused wet pussy in tune with her ass' ***. Never once did it cease to be dripping wet with her arousal.
"I hope you like it... because taking it... up your ass... will be a common occurrence, slut", Her Master groaned deeply with each powerful thrust, the sound reverberating through the dimly lit room. She relished being in his power; revelling in being nothing more than his fuck toy, even hoping that he would catch her breaking rules. Her cries and moans of pleasure filled the room, blending in harmony with the sound of his balls and thighs slapping against her body.
"You're useless at following orders but your holes actually have a purpose", he degraded her further with his words, "Do you want the gift of my cum?"
"..Y-Yes, sir!", he didn't stop pounding her as she formulated her response.
He could have cum right then and there, deep within her depths, but he had something even better in mind. With a single, agile motion he withdrew from her, leaving her anally exposed. As he strode swiftly toward her, she was torn between a sense of emptiness - relieved that the pressure was gone - and a strange, aching wanting.
"You'll get my cum then", he grabbed ahold of her head again and pushed his cock back into her mouth.
"Taste yourself and soon you'll taste my fresh load", He started pounding her face with a cock that was still steaming from its exploration of her backdoor, and her tongue expertly lapped at the surface of his meaty shaft, slurping up traces of her own body that had mingled with his. Her master's unique flavour tantalized her taste buds as she realized this unexpected ass-to-mouth experience was arousing her in ways she hadn't imagined; the sensation was not that much different from the pleasure of worshipping him with her rimming skills. 
"Get ready", he said but there wasn't much she could do. His grip on her head was strong and determined; he wanted every spurt of his fresh, hot cum to hit the back of her throat as directly as possible. His thrusting grew more determined and powerful, and she could feel her throat choking on his girth as her body trembled violently in protest. He had no intention of releasing his load until he had derived maximum pleasure from the experience. He pushed himself deep inside as he let out a low, guttural moan of pleasure, before finally allowing his entire load to gush down her throat with incredible ***.
She felt overwhelmed and so thoroughly used as his hardening cock, tasting of her ass, started to erupt into her mouth. She did her best to swallow every sweet drop. His heavy balls seemed determined not to let this moment end, and as her vision began to darken from lack of air, her muscles tensed against the pleasure-*** she was feeling. Despite her protests, his thick manhood still filled her throat completely, rendering her *** in his dominance. She felt her heart racing as her vision began to blur, her legs instinctively recoiling from his dominant touch as his thick pulsing cock still held her throat in its grip...
With the last product of his balls released he removed himself from his barely breathing victim.
"Wake up"
"Huuuh? Sir?", Two brisk slaps to her cheeks jolted her from her daze, although she was briefly disoriented. Her senses were heightened as if a rush of electricity was coursing through her veins.
He squatted in front of her, put his hand on her head and patted gently added, "You did well, girl. It wasn't easy but you did well"



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Well damn! He damn near killed her! She better behave…
Very well written and very intense story. She needs some major aftercare after this not just a pat on the head. I wish it was included in the ending.
1 minute ago, norwalk739 said:

Very well written and very intense story. She needs some major aftercare after this not just a pat on the head. I wish it was included in the ending.

Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it. In a real-life scenario, it would certainly be provided - for the benefit of them both, especially after such an intense session; The story had to end somewhere and it grew longer than I anticipated so I finished it there, maybe a bit abruptly. Needless to say, it's something for me to consider when writing another one :)

Extremely hard to find a caring femdom in Ireland,am considering relocating to usa any offers
Yesterday at 08:19 AM, norwalk739 said:
Very well written and very intense story. She needs some major aftercare after this not just a pat on the head. I wish it was included in the ending.

Right cuz new people read this and literally think like that’s it I said good girl we’re done here 🤣🤣

3 minutes ago, Squidmo said:

Right cuz new people read this and literally think like that’s it I said good girl we’re done here 🤣🤣

Sorry about the abrupt ending : ) In this case you will have to imagine the actual aftercare that follows the "Good girl" bit and maybe next time I won't forget to write a more fitting ending : )

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