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Finally - Part 2


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Part 2 of my session with my special good girl @Gimmemorecoffee

Daddy brought baby a warm wet towel to clean herself off.


Daddy sat in the chair glowing.


Baby went to the bathroom to clean up.

She returned wrapped in a towel and laid on the couch. 


She held Daddys hand.


Thank you for making me feel so good Daddy.


They chatted for a while. Baby played with Daddys fingers while they talked about life and things.


Baby looked so beautiful laying on the couch wrapped in a towel.


Daddy stood up and stepped towards baby.

He pulled his semi hard cock out and grabbed her head, feeding her his cock.


She sucked on him. Hard and long as he swelled in her mouth.


Can I cum in your pussy?


Baby smiled, Yes Daddy.


Suck on me.


Baby got on her knees and sucked on Daddy.

Long firm strokes with her mouth. Looking Daddy in the eyes. Sucking on his balls.


Baby made Daddy feel so good.


Daddy took her by the face gently. 

Go into the bedroom and take off your panties.


Baby slipped of her panties as she walked past the bathroom.  She tossed them in with a wet slop.


Baby sat on the bed as Daddy walked in carrying his belt. He looped it around her neck.  Daddy rolled baby onto her side,  with her ass on the edge of the bed.


Daddy slide right into Baby's soaked pussy, and she screamed.


Daddy tugged on the belt choking her as he pumped her pussy, and pulled her back by the hips.


Daddy she screamed out.

Daddy.... uuuuujhhhhhhh.


She came came and squirted all over Daddys cock.

Daddy pushed in further. She squirted and screamed again.


She wiggled her body away as she was pulsating 


Baby quietly moaned, trying to get her bearings back.


She rolled towards Daddy.


Oh my God! I just came so hard and squirted on your cock.


Daddy grabbed her head and fucked her mouth.

She swallowed all of Daddy.

Baby sucked on Daddys balls while he rubbed her pussy. 


She came again and squirted on Daddys hand


Daddy put baby on all 4s and slid back into her pussy.


She screamed out.


Daddy smacked her ass.


She feel flat on to the bed with her ass up. 


Daddy smacked her ass as he pumped her.


He pulled both of her arms back and folded them behind her. Tugging on the belt. Tugging on her arms.


Baby couldn't wiggle away. Daddy pumped her pussy with long, hard, and deep strokes.


She screamed out and came again, squirting on Daddys clock again.


Who's pussy is this?


Yours Daddy.




It's your pussy Daddy.


Daddy held her arms and pulled her hips back, filling Baby up.


He fucked her pussy and kept working it harder and harder.


He grabbed her hair and tugged on it.


His cock swelled inside her before his Daddy dick exploded inside her tight soaking wet pushy.


She pulled her ass back, and he came. He filled her pussy with Daddy juice.


Baby laid on the bend panting. 


Thank you Daddy. Thank you.


Then got dressed and Baby said she would walk Daddy to the lobby.


As they exited the room, the maid was coming out of the room next to them. She made eye contact, and then proceeded to smile sheepishly

Not disappointing very very good story it’s a pansy soaker
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