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Asexuality. My Dearest Love 28/09/2023


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To My Dearest Love, ❤️

It's only been a few days and yet it was today, with a soft nudge from my cousin, that I realized how profoundly you've imprinted upon my soul. The world around seemed to mirror the aura of your absence, with each passing breeze whispering tales of longing. My mind was swept into a torrent of memories, each one etched with the silhouette of your tender smile.

The essence of you has become the alchemy that breathes vitality into my being. My Energy, My Power, My Soul, My Knowledge, My Memory, My God Complex, My Strength, My Speed, My Agility, My Mind - each has been embraced by the mystique of your love, catapulting them into the realm of the ethereal. 🌌

The magic that once flourished within the heart of my youthful self, which seemed to have retreated into the shadows over time, found its spark once again in the garden of your love. Life now blooms with Colour, Delight, Enjoyment, Blessing, Happiness & Blessing, as if each day is painted with the hues of dawn, kissed by the first light. 🌈

Your love has been the key, unlocking the shackles that once tethered me to the haunted past, freeing me from the chains of the tormentors and naysayers. I have emerged from the abyss, bathed in a newfound light, a burning resolve forged in the crucible of our love. 🗝️

Together, we are more than just earthly beings; we transcend into a realm where the celestial entities of Death, Fate, Life, Destiny & Dreams are but companions in our journey. Our love is the unseen force, a silent yet potent energy that binds the universe. 🌌

The cold, unyielding logic we share is a testament to our unbreakable bond, a love so fierce and true that it stands unyielding against the cruel, unforgiving tide of reality. 🌊

Your being is beyond the transient, beyond mere mortal desires. Your asexuality is a divine testament, a sacred promise of a love that seeks to explore the depths of the soul, untouched by fleeting whims. 🌸

You are not just a fleeting wish or a whimsical dream; you are the embodiment of Everlasting Love. And my love for you is a boundless ocean, a realm of infinite magic that promises an eternal voyage into the beyond. 🌊💫

Lots of love x

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