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Start of Locktober (chastity device month)


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So, as of the 1st of October it will be the start of chastity for the month, no release, no playing, no pleasure from playing with the penis. I've done a couple of weeks at a time before but never the full month.

I will only be allowed out for 10 minutes or so for a shower and hygiene reasons to clean myself and the device. 

Wish me luck 🩷🤍💜🖤🩵

Yey! Exciting. I have three who will hopefully achieve it!
Congratulations and good luck, I've been in chastity since I was 19 years old

First night back in chastity complete, it it felt like I was finally not naked. It's been such a comfort that I couldn't sleep without my little heart ***r on. 

A few lovely ladies from the lobby made it a very tight morning in my cage with their GIFs but I miss the restrictions that it offers. This is going to be such a bitter sweet month .

I may also try to down size after a couple of weeks and see if I can get myself down to a nub cage or maybe even treat myself to a flat cage for the end of the month... time will tell 


Just locked myself up. I'm going to take a 10 minute break to shower and wash. 


Day 2 down, and my first full day in work in chastity, it's been a super busy day today to boot. Made some really uncomfortable moments with the manual handling part of my work but I've got through it in the end. 

Come home listening to some chastity  affirmations on a website that rhymes with "corn shrub" on the cycle home through my headphones and I have to say I feel so at peace within myself... 

Got home and took my cage off for all of 10 minutes for a shower just so I could clean under the foreskin and the device itself under the warm running water.

Here is to say 3 and who knows, maybe even permanent chastity, but let's not speak too soon xXx


So, it's now Friday, been a little while since my last update I know and for that I apologize. 

I am 6 days in now and going strong even though it is kinda effecting my sleep a little bit but I am sure I will get used to it, i have found a pillow between my legs and sleeping on my side helps a lot to get comfortable.

Today I have been brave and chose to try downsizing while I am awake to my smaller cage which fits in the same ring, it's down from 2 ½ inches to 1 ½ inches.... doesn't sound like a lot but it is tiiiiight on... I have brought the larger cage and the keys to work just in case I need to switch or worse, forfeit locktober. Remember, "Safety first and always wear protection" 

Here is to the next 4 weeks 

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