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Dark Daddy - St Lucia


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Daddy booked first class flights and an oceanfront suite in the Presidents Club at a resort in St Lucia.

After months of Daddy being super busy at work, he and Baby needed a getaway. 


Sitting in our cabana on the exclusive side of the beach, we had a butler and service. We didnt need to move for anything. 


Daddy, I'm going to get drinks, what do you want?


Just call the waiter over.


No, I feel like going to the bar.




Yes, I'm not a princess in a tower.


I'll bring you a beer, she said as she walked off.


Daddy could see baby at the bar. Social butterfly as always as a couple was chatting her up. She looked incredible in her white bikini. Dark skin and long black hair. Soft sexy curves.


The couple walked back with her towards the private beach. Security wouldn't them through.


Baby walked over to me. Security wouldn't let them in the Presidents club section. 




Okay... you didn't do anything 


Do anything about what?


You just didnt..... forget it. She huffed. She put her headphones on and buried her face in her book.




Baby, I need to take a call at 7 tonight.  Our reservation at the restaurant is at 8. You can hang out until I'm done, or head down to bar and I will meet you there. Shouldn't be more than 30 min or so.


Baby opted to go to bar, rather than wait in the room.


Daddy walked into the bar around 745, and saw Baby with that couple and another guy.


Daddy walked up to them. 


Hey Baby, sorry call went long. Ready for dinner?


The guy piped in and said, what's the rush mate, we're having a good time.


Daddy reached out for Baby's hand and the guy grabbed Daddys hand.


Only Baby could see it, because she'd seen it before.


Daddy's eyes flashed.


Daddy squeezed, flinched quickly and broke 2 fingers on the guys hand. He dropped to his knees and Daddy grabbed him by the throat.


I won't hesitate to kill you infront of all these people. Now do yourself a favor and fuck off. Daddy dropped him to the ground.


Ready for dinner baby?


Resort staff came running over as Daddy and baby walked to the restaurant. 


Baby wasn't talking at dinner. She sat and sipped her wine. 


Halfway through her 2nd glass, she blurted out... you didn't have do that. 


Do what?


Be a fucking meat-head asshole. 


Daddy drank his bourbon in one gulp.


Enjoy dinner, I've lost much appetite. Daddy left Baby at the table and walked out.


Baby finished dinner and the bottle.of wine by herself.


She went back to the room and knocked on the door.


No answer.


She knocked again.


No answer.


She tried her key.


It didn't work.


She huffed off and went to the front desk. They gave her a new key and escorted her back to the room.


The door opened this time.


The room was dark, but the doors to the balcony were open. Ocean breeze blowing through the Suite. 




No answer.


Fuck him


Baby changed and went to bed.



She awoke abruptly to feel a hand over her mouth and a heavy weight on top of her.


She tried to struggle and scream but couldnt.couldn't.


You can't help yourself, can you? The voice said.


Daddy gives you everything and you take it all for granted. 


Baby struggled again against the weight. 


A hand slapped her across the face.


She was flipped over on her stomach.

A gag made out.of the pillow case was shoved in her mouth and tied tight around her head. 


Her arms were pulled behind her back and folded I to each other and tied up with another pillowcase.


He smack her ass hard. 


And again 


And again.


Baby screamed through the gag.


He worked his thumb in her pussy. 

She was soaked. 


Fucking whore.


He worked his thumb in her pussy while he rubbed her clit.


She came and squirted instantly. 


He didn't stop working her. She screamed and kept cumming. 


He smacked Baby's ass, over and over.


She was on overload. 


Her pussy throbbed and her ass stung.


He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

He grabbed her throat and squeezed. 


Dirty fucking whore. It's all you're good for. Just being a meat bag for me.


He shoved his cock inside her.


She screamed out. He pumped her hard and tugged on her hair. His weight on her, pinned down while he pounded her pussy.


She came again and squirted on his cock.

He kept pounding, she kept squirting 


She was helpless against him.


He let her up.

Pulled her off the bed and walked her on her knees onto the balcony.


He pulled off the gag. and slapped her face.

He shoved his cock in her mouth, and fucked her face. He made baby swallow all of him.


The crashing of the waves continued in the background as he fucked her face. 


He stood up and jerked his cock.

His hot sticky load shot all over her face.

He shoved his cock back in her mouth to suck out the rest of his cum and tugged her hair.


He let go of her, and untied her arms.

Leaving her on the balcony gasping for air and her face covered in cum.


Daddy came out a few moments later.


Hey baby!  Want to go for a walk on the beach?


She smiled, yes Daddy, I do


Never called you a meat-head arsehole…🙄
2 minutes ago, Gimmemorecoffee said:

Never called you a meat-head arsehole…🙄

You were slurring your words. You're lucky you look sexy in a bikini 

Love that this was actually true lol 💕
Would you do that to me please
Oh she LIVES to piss him off and get punished.
I might get to this point one day. Just gotta find one that’s worth this lever of submission
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