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OK so I have a little (female) and I'm completely new and terrified about it... I've never done this and never thought that I would want and enjoy this bc I always thought of myself as a sub.. but anyone have any advice of what and how I can be the best mommy I can be... so far only online but it will become irl and I just don't want to mess up... TIA



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No need to worry and overwhelm yourself! If you need you can message me but generally just make sure you discuss boundaries and some general needs and wants that they have of you and your needs and wants from them and. As long as you communicate clearly then things should turn out better than you ever thought
The information you have given could explain why there has been little feedback given.
It seems you have all agreed to enter into a dynamic irl without actually meeting, this concerns me somewhat. Have you all discussed separately and together the various roles and responsibilities?
Expectations, excitement and commitments already given may take you all further than any individual is prepared to go.
Once you all meet irl chemistry and conversation will determine the outcome, but take time to reflect before making any LTR decisions. I wish you all good luck.
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