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Mr Hyde - The story continues -part 5 - full of surprises


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Part 5 - the fun begins- full of surprises.

I reach down to your wrists and pull them behind your back and clip them together then I head over to the desk for the vacuum clips
"Stick out your tongue" I say as I return with a small pair to use on your nipples. I rub the edges of both against your tongue to make sure they form a good seal and then place one on each nipple twisting the knob to form a vacuum until you whimper from the sensation as your nipples grow inside the tubes.
I flick them up and down enjoying the whimpering and moaning as I begin to play an imaginary drum beat on then and then move on to your tits slapping them increasing the speed and *** until they are a nice pinky red color.
I bend down to remove the vacuum clips and tweak and twist your nipples as they are removed to the wonderful combination of your breath catching and you swearing through clenched teeth
" arghhh fuck"
"Now for some caning I think "

I pick up my 3 canes from the table each a different thickness and remove the blindfold as I move to stand behind you.,
I take the thickest cane In hand
"I have three different canes as you can see, I'm going to give 20 strikes with each across your tits, you will remain as quiet as you can or I might decide to gag you is that clear? "
"Yes sir, thank you sir "
"Hmmm thanking me already
You might change your mind when I am done"
I begin to cane your tits alternating between the two and counting as I do enjoying the reaction each strike illicits and I aim for your sensitive nipples a few times to make you moan
I get to 15 and you start to moan but I'm not sure if you are moaning out of pleasure or *** but it makes no odds to me I'd already told you that you would be gagged if you made too much noise. I reach for some electrical tape and put it over your mouth and I continue to punish your delicious tits
"It's going to be a long night for you slut"
"Thank you sir" you mumble through the tape
And I'm surprised by the response
" are you a little secret *** whore, slut? "
You nod
" hmm ,,, full of surprises it seems "

Omg where's the next one!! Ugh! Waiting patiently lol


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